An immunity garden is one that is grown organically to help heal an individual, family or group of people in the community while healing nature in the process. It is a way to help fight the disease which many of us battle every day. There is a lot of research that supports the growing of certain foods to aid in the healing or maintenance of illness. It is our goal at Immunity Gardens to get the word out and provide which plants may assist you in healing yourself as well as nature. I started Palm Rae Potager in our urban community 14 years ago to battle my illness.

As the years have rolled on, I have found that I need to share some of this information, and I wanted a place for people to go, to learn what they can grow right where they live on a windowsill, back porch, containers or city lot to help heal their body. Which plants were most beneficial to help with healing as well as feed our native pollinators.These gardens are as unique as people; no two individuals will benefit from the same plants. It is your own personal journey with plants.

Plants that help nature will contribute to healing us too. Plant a seed + pollen coated bees will fill your world

The information at Immunity Gardens is to assist you in your search for answers. I do not have all the answers. I hope Immunity Gardens encourages you to find answers and educate those around you with the information you find. Replace some of that lawn to grow “healing plants” for you and nature. If ALL of us start right where we live with what we have; we can help make all of us healthier!

In 2017, I will provide more information about the plants that I grow for Palm Rae Urban Potager and for other people in my community. I feel if we all grow our own plants from seed it just takes a few minutes more to sow a few extra plants or put a few in the garden to share with others in our community to help ourselves and nature heal. Spread the plants!!!!

Head on Over to Immunity Gardens to check out what plants we grow in Palm Rae Urban Potager