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I”m tired of being scared of my food


I”m tired of being scared of my food each time I sit down at the table, so today I decided to live one meal at a time.….Today’s post is an issue close to my health. It is close to all our health. I” ‘ve come to the conclusion that we need to not be scared to eat but be aware. I ‘ve been going through some changes in my life lately, and I finally understand what is meant to “live one day at a time”. It is all you have. Don’t spend your time in the past as well as the future. Live in the moment for it is all you honestly have. There is a line from an old spiritual song saying,

“Just give me the strength To do every day what I have to do Yesterday’s gone sweet Jesus And tomorrow may never be mine”…written by Marijohn Wilkins / Kris Kristofferson “One Day at A Time Sweet Jesus-1974)

Tomorrow indeed is not ours until we are living it. Live in the moment for it is all you can count on. If you listen to the news daily you hear; This food causes cancer, or there were found these carcinogens in or on, just fill in the blank. It is enough to make you question everything that you put in your mouth, body or breath. No wonder more people are on anxiety medication these days. People live in fear of things that should be enjoyed; Celebrating life with a meal.

Last week  A man won a  case against Monsanto. It was a sweet victory for us ALL when this man won! Finally, someone beat the giant. As his case was being plastered all over our newspapers the German Company, Bayer purchased Monsanto and plans to change the name.

The name Monsanto is no more but not necessarily for reasons that would satisfy the seed and pesticide company’s many critics.

Monsanto, often assailed for its impact on the earth and on human health, will shed its moniker after German giant Bayer officially acquires the company on Thursday.

While health and agricultural firm Bayer had been considering axing the Monsanto brand for some time, the decision to abandon the name was made official Monday.

“Bayer will remain the company name,” Bayer said in a statement. “Monsanto will no longer be a company name. The acquired products will retain their brand names and become part of the Bayer portfolio.”

The deal was set in motion in September 2016, when Bayer agreed to pay $66 billion for Monsanto amid a global shakeup fueled by sluggish crop prices.

The agribusiness merger won conditional U.S. antitrust approval in May after the companies agreed to sell off $9 billion in assets to preserve competition. USA TODAY

People change their names or move all the time. It seems this is the way of the world.  Change your name or move and start over don’t be responsible for what you have done to others. Why wouldn’t they change the name? Look at the maps below. The enemy “glyphosate” has been around for decades, and it is not until a man wins a lawsuit that it is finally being tested in our foods. The USA Monsanto sold their company to a  German one, and now the cat is out of the bag!

pesticide use map

pesticide use map

pesticide use map

pesticide use map  Media attacks towards companies that were tested for “glyphosate” residue were all over the internet immediately.  Finally, they are testing the foods because of all the publicity. Where were the tests before when we had these maps??? The past year, I have been hearing of more people getting diagnosed with cancer? I feel we are at a time in history where we will have to learn to live with some of these “bad things” in our environment. Yes, we can try to limit our exposure but as you can see from the map. It is everywhere. There are also other pesticides in our agriculture that are carcinogens. However, Glyphosate is the big one right now. It has its own map.


Damson Plums 2018 Palm Rae Urban Potager

I bet if we actually knew what toxic things were in our food we would never eat anything again! This individual pesticide “glyphosate”  has been around since 1992. It was first patented as a cleaning agent for pipes. CRAZY!

1961: Glyphosate was patented in the U.S. as a Descaling and Chelating Agent by the Stauffer Chemical Co.

Due to its strong metal chelating properties, glyphosate was initially used as a descaling agent to clean out calcium and other mineral deposits in pipes and boilers of residential and commercial hot water systems.

Descaling agents are effective metal binders, which grab on to Calcium, Magnesium and heavy metals to make the metal water soluble and easily removable. Orgnaic Consumer Organization 10/6/2017

I was shocked last night when I found one of my morning ‘healthy” USDA organic certified foods was on the list for glyphosate residue. It also had the highest concentration! I should have known better since years ago, I read that “glyphosate” was present in USDA organic labeled foods. After I was finished being mad at the company, I did what I always do every time I find something new about the food I eat; I found a company that tested for glyphosate. I purchased some “glyphosate tested” oats from them.

There will be a new label out soon for us in the grocery store. I am glad they have a new label. You can read more about this label (Here)   I was outside the other night harvesting apples, spaghetti squash, and plums! I still want to encourage you to grow food, herbs, and flowers for yourself and nature on your city lots. I was pretty upset about my cereal having glyphosate residue, but you can’t live in fear every day of what you might have eaten last year or  what you might eat tomorrow,  I would say our goal should be to eat the best food we can get our hands on since that is all we can do. So, I believe our new motto should be to live one meal at a time…and of course GROW some of your own!

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  1. Another great post Robbie, and you are so right. These chemicals are everywhere, even in our drinking water.
    Best we can do is grow what we can and eat as healthly as we can. I can’t afford to buy everything else organic but where i can i do. Every bit helps.

  2. I agree Robbie! There are also other factors to take into consideration because fear itself causes the body to produce anti-health organisms that cause illness. We have an innate ability to stand against the poisons of the world which requires us changing the way we think and feel as well as being mindful of the food we eat. Do you know the work of Dr Joe Dispenza. He is one of your great countrymen who is doing amazing work in healing and changing lives. He changed mine some ten years ago and I have never met the man! He has books, audiobooks, a YouTube channel, a web site and he does workshops on line and for real – I’d give my last cent to attend one of his week long events! Haha, this comment has become an advertisement for him – I think you should have a listen to him on YT – just an intuition. xoxo

  3. One meal at a time seems a good plan. And I would be happy to eat a meal of damson plums or blueberries, especially if they came from your garden. I try to be careful about food but not anxious. For years I lived in places where my main concern was making sure the food didn’t give me amoebic dysentery and the like. I worried over everything I ate. I was painfully thin. Nowadays I just eat, and enjoy, and try not to worry about all the nasty chemicals I may have ingested over the years. Unfortunately, minus the worry, I am now rotund. 🙂

    • too funny. I have always said I eat too much of the good stuff!
      The Damson Plums this year were my first crop. It was an educational experience! I had to get a bench and pick them as they rippened. The perfect time to pick them was just about ripe. If they were too ripe they would have a small worm in them( I don’t spray) but if I got them just before, they were AMAZING- tart and sweet and no worm! I learned I like the dwarf varitiety since I don’t have to climb up too farr off the ground,

  4. Good post, Robbie. I was pleased to see that MA has comparatively little use of glysophate, but still, not all our food is grown here. It is sad that even an organic label doesn’t protect us. It is pretty discouraging, but you are right, attitude is important. Live each day to the fullest, to the best of your ability. ❤

  5. Your thoughtful posts are always a gift, Robbie. I appreciate the important information you share. I also worry about the food I eat, buying foods labeled “organic” whenever I can despite the cost and eating what I grow on my city lot despite neighbors and industries that spread toxic chemicals on land and in the air and water. Yet as you point out, we have to eat, breathe, and drink water in order to live. Hopefully, more and more of us will use our time to raise awareness about things that matter in the moments we have here. Sending my gratitude and best wishes to you. ❤

    • Hi Carol, I need to stop by your beautifully written blog. I love to read your stories. You are one of the great storytellers! I am trying to get the awareness out there locally but most people just don’t care until something causes them to care; a health crisis for themselves or a loved one. I don’t know if I would of paid as much attention or care until I got sick back in 2000. I hate to admit that, but I ate healthy just not aware of glyphosate back in 2000. I am glad my illness opened my eyes but I was lucky for mine was slow moving, and I had time. Most people don’t have time on their hands it may be a quick and fast cancer. The winning of this case will hopefully open the eyes of the public:-)

  6. I will definitely shop by that new label Robbie! I remember learning in my master gardener course that organic apples often contain more pesticides than nonorganic apples. It was eye opening. I tend to believe cancer is a man made disease turned on by the lifestyle choices we make. I am ecstatic that a case was won against Monsanto. Changing their name won’t fool all of the people all of the time. Excellent post Robbie!

    • wow, I did not know that about organic apples! I had one of my dwarf apple trees provide a ton of apples this month. They are not too pretty since we don’t spray but yummy! I will be looking for the label. I do purchase from Tropical Traditions since they do test for glyphosate on their grains.

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