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Still here just treading in place!

To all my blogger friends (you know who you are), local gardeners and some new people who just signed up to read my blog. I have not disappeared off the face of the earth, but I have been on “no post” zone for nearly half the year. I have no excuse just life got in the way and was in overload for too many days. I realize I could have written a post, but I never did.

When you find life’s distractions get in the way, well, they just become what you focus on for a bit. I needed to do that to get through the messes in my life. Nothing serious, just distractions. You know they say things come in 3’s, well, I say three times what???? Distractions were raining down all around me this summer and fall. I finally just gave into them and let some things slide. Well, my blog and garden were the first things to go.

I usually have several garden parties throughout the growing season; It was the first growing season that I did not have any friends or neighbors in our garden. I did have family over to celebrate my parents moving about 20 minutes up the road. We do not all live near each other, so when we have time to get together it is precious.

march 2 snow fall 109I have always said my parents have “white-line-fever” they can’t stay in one place too long. My mother is the only one driving since four yrs ago; my father was in an accident that made driving impossible for him anymore. The two-hour trips to my house were worrying me each holiday for she insisted on driving both ways. If you know my mother there is no arguing! She embodies the word stubborn. I look forward to having them closer and hope to have them over more often in our garden next year. I created a garden to be a place for people to visit.

IMG_6938-dwarf-oak-leaf-hydrangea-2014I will be redesigning our gardens next year. I need to grow more food and make decisions as to what will stay and what will no longer be in our gardens. When you have small spaces, as we do in the city, you need to plan. I can’t grow everything, so I plan on sharing with you the process of how my garden grows. I am finding that growing in the city means rethinking what a garden is and how to incorporate food growing throughout the landscape.


I am gravely concerned about the quality of our food in the USA. In the midst of the chaos this summer, I was building soil. I would like to take 2017 to share how one can grow food year round, take care of nature and create a place for family, friends, and neighbors to visit right in the heart of the city. I am committed to that goal. I grow plants, save seed and share with others. It is a mission I hold dearly to my heart. I feel if we don’t pay attention to how we grow our food, support others that grow what we can’t; we will lose the battle for our health. Our health and natures are deeply rooted in what we do.

Please join me in the next year, as I try to shape my small piece of the world we live in; to be a place for healing


Look for me the next week as I stop by and visit your blog + some of you that live locally; seed sharing time!Β 


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  1. Hello dear Robbie, I saw this post from you in my in-box and hurried over to say ‘Hi!’. I have thought of you from time to time and wondered how you have been getting on. I’m glad to hear you were just distracted! I too have been an intermittent blogger this year – must be something in the stars! I shall look forward to reading all about your garden and soil changes as you post – it is always good to read what you think and are doing in your garden, I find it so inspiring!!

    • Pauline:-)
      I stopped by your blog a few weeks ago + thought ‘Hmmm, Pauline is off just like am doing other things, I am not alone.” I finished the garden last Saturday and then it snowed 6-10 inches in our area-LOL. You know someone likes me upstairs, for they gave me a break this year! I was going without a coat in November to hang out with friends and riding the river all through November without a coat:-) I have been so far behind. My goal for 2017, as every year is to embrace my creative soul which has been hidden under the piles of stuff in my “Make-shift” studio room:-) You are forever my inspiration for creative being-keep inspiring!
      I have a get together this week and need to take a gift, so I found this great organization that make ornaments from New Zealand wool-cool!! I thought of you when I purchased them…check them out, I got two reindeer

  2. Well how nice to find a post from you Robbie. I wondered what you were doing with yourself. How lovely to have your parents moving near. I look forward to reading about your new plans for your garden next year.

    • Hi Chloris:-)
      So good to hear from you and you are on my list to visit. I have missed visiting your beautiful garden and wondering if you have written your garden book yet!
      Your posts always inspiring + educational:-) My plans are on paper right now for we are under snow, but that is what winter is for- to plan:-)

  3. Wonderful to have you back Robbie. And your beautiful photos too. I so agree with your mission! For the last month blogging has had to take a back seat for me too and I have just been posting photos. There are times when we have other priorities we need to focus on:-)

    • My camera has been getting a bit rusty lately. I need to get out there and shoot again. I always love stopping by your blog and admire your pictures + beautiful blog! I am watching “Single-Handed” show from Ireland about the garda. OH my the scenery of your country is breathtaking!!!! I also like the show:-)

    • We got our cars in the garage Saturday. Our garage was torn up all summer due to all the work on the house. It was a crazy day and finally at 6pm two cars were in the garage. All the buckets ( stucco was done over on the front of our house) of paint, stucco, etc. Building materials were all over the garage, but by 6am the two cars were in the garage. LOL. The very next morning we had 2 inches of snow, and by afternoon it was moving in on 6 inches. My parents across the river got close to 10 inches. I finally got the blueberry bushes covered by dinner time Saturday-I keep saying, someone up above is very patient with my lack of getting things done this growing season! PHEW, that was cutting it close!

      • πŸ™‚ don’t worry, I just read an article the other day about how people need to leave some of the leaves etc on their garden beds for nature. I mostly covered my blueberries and spread some shredded leaves from the lawn mower in my veggie garden, but I leave most of my natives standing until spring:-) I’ve been doing that for the past few years and I have been seeing more diversity in insects and bees:-)

  4. Huge hugs Robbie. Earl and Bezial send slobbers. We have been flat out like lizards drinking moving fridges into our yard, filling them with wheelbarrows of soil, planting them out, irrigating Sanctuary and we are currently in the process of building a structure from bush poles we culled from the front acre to protect the veggies in the fridge wickers from the marauding possums. Life does get in the way of blogging but then blogging is really just a way to express yourself when you feel like it. It shouldn’t be something that you “have” to do or it becomes like work. I slowed down with posting as well. Steve and I passed our course this year and will be learning how to make films next year. I have plants for making a small documentary about growing food yourself, how it doesn’t have to be expensive and about our wicking empire. Life keeps evolving and moving forward and it’s a clever person who knows when to stop and take a bit of a rest. I hope your distractions are over now and that life is showing you a bit of sunshine (even though its winter there). I will send you a bit of Serendipity Sunshine as we have enough to share :). I will be following every post you post with joy. I feel like you are a soul sister much like other fellow bloggers that I have met and made a heartfelt connection with. I have learned heaps from you and love every one of your blog posts. Here’s to a nice, quiet, distraction minimal 2017 for all. 2016 has been trying to say the least. More slobbers from Earl (who wants to go to the dog park NOW! πŸ˜‰ )

    • πŸ™‚ awww Fran, you made my day! You are a bright ray of sunshine in the middle of winter. I read your comment earlier in the day and thought, shoot, I don’t have time right now to visit with Fran. I waited till I finished dinner and sat down to answer your letter. I plan on stopping by your blog right after I finish replying to your comment. I miss going to your blog and seeing what you are doing. You are a ” Soil Soul Sister”….lol.It is true we connect with some amazing people. I miss the blogger friends I have collected over the years. They keep me going for sometimes people locally think I am a bit nutty-LOL. It is so nice to see others doing similar things and loving nature, growing food and building community.

      Things are much better. Life is slowing down + our house is not falling down around us-LOL. It was pretty tense when they found the arches rotten in the middle. It got done, but I don’t believe I will be moving anywhere soon. Fridge wickers, I can hardly wait to see what you have been up to! I remember reading about you carrying those up the hill. I am eager to see what you create with all those freezers. Amazing way to recycle and grow food. I love your new blog—- but filming, now that sounds like a neat adventure:-) You two are so multi-talented, I can hardly wait to see what you come up with filming. You both do amazing stuff with words and photos, wow, film! You filming, what a great idea!!!!

  5. So nice to see a post from you, Robbie. I was just thinking of you yesterday and now that I am getting to my Reader, I see why! πŸ˜‰ How did your renovation go this summer? It sounds like it was a full out summer. As always, your photos are lovely, esp. the fall oak leaf hydrangea and snow on the kale. ‘Tis the season! Blessings!

    • Eliza,
      I miss your 7-acre paradise! I need to get over there and see what you are doing. I should have next week when things slow down, and I get back to working in the garden.
      The work on the house is over!!! I am so not a renovator-LOL. I could hardly stand all the work being done in all the rooms. I admire people that fix up older homes. I have an older home but one that needs updating:-) Blessing to you too!!!!

    • Hi Carol:-)
      I need to stop over and see what you are doing. I will have more time after this week and start back to the blogging world. I sure do miss your great stories. You are on of the best story tellers!

  6. Great to see your post, Robbie!! Thank you. We do miss you, dear girl. But as long as we know you and your loved ones are okay, we will wait. (You should create a flag that says simply: Am OK! (smile)

    • Hi Cynthia:-)
      lol..a flag that is a great idea. I am busy starting old-fashioned pansy flowers inside and have a post for next week on the project. I am enjoying your new book!

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