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Grow what you can and vote with what you purchase


we are eating our raspberries every day from our garden!

I have been so busy that my posts have been far and few between this summer. I have workers on the outside of our house today; I hope in the next few weeks to be free from the workers in my gardens. I am grateful that I can update our urban dwelling.
I have not been able to get out in my gardens as much this summer, but I did get my fall crops in last week. I am slowly rebuilding my garden beds and hope this fall to do more work. In the meantime, I have been changing our diet and figuring out what we can grow on our property to help with our weekly meal planning. It got me thinking about what I can’t grow and how living in an urban area means being dependent on the local stores to provide some of our healthy organic food. I wrote this article for another blog post and thought I would share it this week. What we do purchase matters for it provides direct support to those that are trying to make a difference in the world of food growing!

Revised Seal copy

Verified matters when you shop at your local store

The retailers who started the NON GMO Project made it possible for consumers in North America to have access to foods that are clearly labeled with a logo that is recognizable. The projects label clearly states there are no GMO items in the food.This label is a good thing for there are days when you are rushed for time, and you don’t have a chance to turn over all the food items and read each ingredient, but if we want to live an organic life; we need to make the time.

Living an Organic life  in the city means learning to read labels. We can’t purchase all our food locally grown at times which means we need to become savvy consumers. We have to pick apart the ingredients and educate ourselves about what we purchase. It is important to know who, what, where and how our food was grown. We all need to support those farmers and companies that go the extra mile to produce healthy food. By reading and purchasing only from those businesses that verify their food is NON GMO, we are supporting their efforts.


they don’t need that much space

Care about where you money goes for it is a way to vote

If we take the time to purchase from those that care about the quality of our food and the environment we have used our money wisely. We vote with our money. Yep, we can make a difference by what we purchase when we pay for a product. I bet you never thought about that since you are crunched for time. You may have a busy life and not have the time to pay attention to all the ways your food is grown, raised or created, but there are people out there that make it their business to care about what is being done, or put into our food. If we take but a minute to read a label, research a company or know about the journey of our food; we cast a vote with our purchase each time.


mine are tucked in a back corner of our city lot

I look for seals of approval on products more since I am trying to live a more organic life right in the heart of the city. The NON GMO Project is one label you can rest assured is in your best interest. It is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization.The NON-GMO Project have verified 35,000 NON GMO products from almost nearly 2000 brands! It is a seal of approval put on products you can purchase at your local grocery store. Those that created the GMO Project seal believe everyone deserves to be informed and have the choice to consume or not consume genetically modified foods.

We need to protect ourselves from those that don’t have a vested interest in our health 

The science behind GMO’s is very new and not enough research has been done to analyse the effects of these foods on our bodies, animals or nature that consume these products. I am not here to scare you to death but trying to educate you as to how important it is that you be informed about what is being done to your food. I prefer to air on the side of caution when it comes to consuming these foods.

The science behind genetically modified foods ingredients is frequently changing which means you need to stay up to date with all the different foods that are being modified or tested. Most of us do not have time to keep up to date, which means we need an organization to help us keep informed. The NON GMO Project seal of approval is an organization that has your back!


Look for the NON GMO Project verified label

Next time you are at the local food mart look for the NON GMO Project stamp of approval and when you put your hard earned money down on the counter rest assured you are making a difference. By purchasing only NON GMO Project verified products, you are supporting an organization that makes it their job to be informed; for you the consumer.

Do you ever purchase NON GMO project products? I find, I do more and more as I try to purchase and grow clean food.


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  1. There have been many of us who have had the summer get away from them. I’ve barely made one a month and lost 2 months at the beginning of the summer. Sounds like you have a lot going on too. We’ve had some very odd weather this year so the growing has been quite sporadic. Not enough heat as the veggies were supposed to ripen. I always shop non GMO.

    • I just wish I could of written more this summer:-( There were exciting things happening but it has just been too hot. I remember stopping by to visit your site and you were busy with the front porch of your home. Your front was looking pretty nice:-) Did you get your garden beds done this summer? I have to finish mine still but I did get my lettuce out there last week:-) Doubt lettuce will be growing too fast in this hot weather!

      • Thanks for stopping by, Robbie. I did get the garden beds in this summer. I will post on them soon. Finally catching my breath. It was too hot for the lettuce and it didn’t do well but maybe I can get some fall veggies in. You can always write about those exciting things when you catch your breath.

      • I will look for that post:-) I had to start my Fall salad greens inside under lights due to the terrible heat this summer. It was one of the hottest summers we have had in a while. It seems our cool fall weather is not comming yet. It was 90 degree yesterday!

  2. Nice to hear from you, Robbie! I think of you often and hope all is well with you.
    I love the NON-GMO project – it really takes the worry out of shopping.
    Your raspberries look delicious. Ours are just starting. The drought has been tough on them.
    Happy Fall Harvest to you!

    • This is crazy weather! I have men hammering outside all my windows as I reply to your comment:-) LOL. I am eager to be free of all the work on the house, but I would not be out there today since it will hit a heat index of 100 today. Closed schools and all-this is september??? what happend to the season fall? I have to admit if I don’t get out there too quickly the raspberries melt off the bush!! Hope you are enjoying better weather this fall…I will stop by soon!

  3. An excellent share Ms Robbie. I have hibernated all winter to be honest. I have barely written a blog post in that time as I really had nothing to say. We are up to our necks in websites and making websites etc. for our studies and more time spent on the PC seems like torture rather than fun so I have been laying low like Brer Rabbit and avoiding that blogging tar baby like you wouldn’t believe ;). Stand on that soap box girlfriend and get that message out! People NEED to realise that whatever money they have available to them is a lot more important than they think. However we choose to spend that money, directs the course of humanity. That might sound overly dramatic but it’s true. If we all chose not to support GM crops and no-one bought their produce, they would stop doing it. It’s really as simple as that (well they would start trying to sneak it into other things first…) we vote with our feet and our hearts and we have to sometimes do a bit of work to know where our food is coming from. Growing your own is the very first port of call and just about everyone can have a few pots of something or other growing on their balcony/windowsill. 3 cheers for Ms Robbie for telling it like it is! Earl and Bezial send slobbers and I send hugs 🙂

    • Hi Fran,
      I have no doubt you are busy. I was just thinking after I wrote my post, I need to stop by and visit….and you were on the list!! I always enjoy your posts for they make me laugh. I agree with too much to do, but I know you are doing more on the PC than I am these days. I have two men hammering outside my window. It is a crazy summer.
      Yes, I find it easier to purchase now with the GMO project label. I am so thankful they put it on my popcorn. That is my snack go to!!! I try really hard to purchase from those that care about our health and try to do the right thing. If it means spending a fiew more dollars, I go without somew where else in the budget. I want to support the farmers that try to do the right thing.
      I will be stopping by soon-I need to catch up!

  4. I’m glad to hear that the renovations are progressing and almost finished. It is nice to see you back Robbie! I purchase foodstuffs from my local organic store and farmers market so that I can be assured of the health aspect of my foodstuffs. More and more labelling in the supermarket announces ‘organic’ or ‘non-GMO’ too and I am really pleased to see the growth of this as it indicates there are more and more people who are aware!

    • Hi Pauline,
      It is so true, each year we can celebrate. Iam finding they label where the food comes from. If it is from a local farmer, they put the families picture up and tell you a littel a bout the family growing your food. Our organic section is growing more and more each year. We now have a local Health food store that is going to sell regionally grown organic food ( 50 mile radius) which will help this winter when the yard is frozen!

    • Hi Charles,
      I agree, and I got some raised beds off the ground. I helped some other people that put some elevated raised beds off the ground. I thought I would try them in my garden also this year. I have my house torn up outside again this fall, so I decided to grow more in some raised beds. I put some of my fall salad greens in the beds. I was surprised to find the chipmunks ate my spinach that high off the ground-darn! They left the lettuce alone. You are so right, you can grow more when you think of pots and going up and up!!! I also am trying blueberries in pots-we shall see:-)

  5. Oh Robbie, I am so grateful to be able to comment on your ever inspiring blog posts. I always look for this label! It means much to me and I always vote with my dollar. I am seeing it more and more of this important label and that says something. I also want to point out that labels don’t just stop at food. Your skin is your largest organ and many cosmetic products are toxic. I am very careful about what I put on my skin. I look for 5-free products or higher and of course, only purchase from companies that do not test on our magical animals. A good site to do your research on cosmetic products is Skin Deep. I am also trying to fine tune my diet. It is an evolving amoebic thing this relationship with food. I hope to grow more veggies next year since I have cleared my plate – hell, thrown one plate completely out – and will have more time. The best thing to do is cook from scratch. I miss my garden and will also be out there all the rest of September cleaning up and trying to get it back to its glory thinking of you my kindred spirit. I’m doing a complete reset in the garden, in my diet, in my life and it feels great. So great to see you are finding more time for yourself, your garden and your wonderful blog!

    • Hi Kathy!!!
      We growers are “kindred spirits” we have to stick together-LOL. If we could connect all our gardens in one big road “garden” across the USA wouldn’t that be a site to see…all that beauty, pollinators and food to share:-) I am excited to see you having more time to grow now that you are working more in your “own” garden. I look forward to your new property seeing how that develops and also for your winter trip when the snow flies. Thank you for sharing resources, we all need to support our farmers that do the right thing locally, regionally and every where in the world:-)I will check out Skin Deep!

  6. How beautiful your raspberries are! It’s so wonderful to be able to have this abundance right out the back door. Great post, as always…..I’m also a non-gmoer and try my darndest to stay away from them. In just the last few years, our small town has gone from 1 farmers market to 3 different ones. It’s been great for the small growers and great for the consumers too. I think they’re finally realizing (the powers that be), that if quality food is offered, people will buy.
    Excessive heat here too….and that’s saying a lot for this southerner! I can’t even count the number of days that have been in the mid 90’s. I am ready for Fall! I have so many projects I’m wanting to get done in the garden…all I can do now is wait. 🙂

    • Annie:-)
      I am ready for fall too! I have been holding off due to not wanting to be out in the heat:-( things are getting done around here on the off days it decides to behave like fall-LOL
      We have increased our farmer markets from 1 large one to many smaller ones throughout the city and neighboroods. YOu are right, they are paying attention to our message:-)I am really excited about a local health food store that set up shop in our downtown area to provide seasonal food from a 50 mile radius. There are many organic farmers that have hoop houses for winter growing in our area. I can depend on them for my greens when the snow flies. I don’t have a hoop house. I don’t know if my neighbors would like that too much. I do keep the greens going until about January(outside). I have a window of 16 weeks from January to March where I can’ t grow many of our leafy greens. The past few years, I have been using microgreens under lights, but I have to admit I do find myself purchasing some greens. I freeze a lot but run out right before spring. I need to plan better!

      • Robbie, my project list keep getting longer but the heat keeps hanging on. hopefully next week we’ll be out of the 90’s and I can get some work done! 🙂 We have a nursery not to far from me that grows on natives and they had a half off sale a little while ago…..naturally, I convinced myself that I needed more plants, so off I go to bring home more for the garden. I’ll just have to add making new garden beds to my ever growing list! 🙂
        I need to add growing greens to my list also…that sounds like a splendid idea! We have a long growing season down here, so I should be able to fit that in. My hubby loves kale, so maybe that would be a good one to start with.

      • Annie, I can so relate! I feel most days I don’t know how I ever can get it all done. I know the days will get shorter and winter will start before I can blink an eye:-( A girl can never have “enough” plants..hmm..was that diamonds-LOL-for me it is plants!
        Do try kale. I recommend the Lancianto and Blue Scotch/ Dwarf Blue Curled kale.You can grow the Lacinato with your flowers( cosmos and zinnas-amazing!) and it is such a beautiful site:-)

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