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You pass on the love of gardening when you share with others….

I know my life as a mother is successful when I see my own children creating  their own gardens….Today I took time to read what others think….


In search of my mother’s garden, I found my own. 

Alice Walker


  Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul.
Luther Burbank
 In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt.
Margaret Atwood
I don’t like formal gardens. I like wild nature. It’s just the wilderness instinct in me, I guess.

Walt Disney

The best place to find God is in a garden. You can dig for him there.

George Bernard Shaw

In the world at large, people are rewarded or punished in ways that are often utterly random. In the garden, cause and effect, labor and reward, are re-coupled. Gardening makes sense in a senseless world. By extension, then, the more gardens in the world, the more justice, the more sense is created.

Andrew Weil

When I go into the garden, I forget everything. It’s uncomplicated in my world of gardening. It’s trial and error, really. If something doesn’t work, it comes out, and you start all over again.

Emilia Fox


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  1. Lovely quotes Robbie. And I agree about passing it on. I was surprised when my two began to garden as they had never shown that much interest in it growing up – but obviously the seeds were planted 🙂 Now they both make beautiful outdoor spaces!

    • I know what you mean-mine never showed any interest when they were younger but that changed with their own homes or apartments!

  2. Great quotes. I particularly like the Andrew Weil one. Both my children have inherited or learnt ( I don’ t know which) my love of gardening. I am so glad because I know it will be a life- long source of peace, pleasure and delight to them as it is to me. The world would be a better place if everyone gardened.

  3. Everything I know about gardening, I learned from my mother and she, in turn, learned all that she knew from hers. Passing on an inherent love of gardening and the soil is something fundamental that you can do for your children. Teaching them that food comes from the soil, that soil is precious, that caring for your soil also reduces landfill, that loving the earth and the soil is another deep and fundamental life lesson and the first step on the ladder to true happiness. Thank you for sharing this post today Robbie. It is raining here, windy, blowing a gale actually, and the last thing I am going to do is go out into my garden, BUT I know that it is there. I know that is is morphing into its winter coat. I know that the trees that we planted a year and a half ago have sent down deep enough roots to survive the coming dry season. I know that the first time that I put my hands into the soil and felt that incredible interconnectedness that comes from knowing that you are doing what your long dead ancestors did and that there is a true continuity from generation to generation, I knew that I would always be engaged in my garden. BIG hugs today. I hope the spring weather is behaving nicely for you and that you have some pretty things on the go as is most important in spring 🙂

    • awww-Fran-you always say it so eloquently! Your paragraph should be a post…you covered it all:-) Today, I am tired + I was thinking about how sore and exhausted you were at the start of your spring-boy, I am too. I was chasing my grandson around after gardening all day yesterday. Today, I have him again and will cut back my garden chores.I am finding after a few months of sitting inside not working outside, my body gets a bit out of shape.LOL:-)I sure don’t need a gym pass/program. Working in my garden works my body, mind and soul! It covers it all but there are days when I wonder-will if it will happen???? I put the seeds in and wonder-will the “magic” happen this summer. I always start my season “doubting” this can’t really happen. It won’t work-will it? Then it does. Those tiny seeds turn into TALL plants blowing in the breeze and food is created from the earth. It is magic and so worth all this ‘soreness” I am feeling right now. I always find it interesting that, I doubt initially:-) My doubt usually is short lived for the magic has seasons and each month there is something to remind me of the treasures the earth gives back:-) It is magical:-) Also the winter “quiet” time is magically but the soil is filled with activity!

      • Isn’t that always the case, that we doubt new phases that we are moving into? Even when we go through these cycles each year, it’s like getting out of bed on a cold winters morning when there is a mix of “just another few moments…” and “I know that the fire is just a stoke away and soon I will be warm and productive”. We have been hard at studies and very little physical exercise has gone on around here in the last few months and this weekend, we have about 10 trailer loads of horse manure to load and unload and pretty soon after that, about 15 trailer loads of next door neighbours oak leaves need to be raked and collected up. I have some serious doubting going on that I am going to survive these events but I know that the end result is a mountain of fertility that is going to give Sanctuary life… there is always that doubt before reality sets in and I think it is our human nature to question ourselves, our world and anything else that crops up. I guess it’s part of the equation. How lovely that you have your grandson with you and that he is learning about the soil, about new life from the soil and some incredibly valuable life lessons at your knee Robbie 🙂

      • so true:-) I love the way it makes me feel after a long hard day working in our garden. I love seeing the worms crawling all through the rich soil that we have been building for the past 10 years. If I uncover a poor worm, I lay it down in the soil or cover it gently with some loose soil. They seem so helpless when they come to the surface abruptly. It was funny one day when I was digging and the resident robin landed at the hole I was digging. She was so calm and not fearful of me at all. She was so close, I could see her eyelashes! She grabbed two worms from my dug hole and I thought, “heh-those our my worms”-LOL. She then kept hanging around me all day but not when my dog Chance came near:-) When you work out there all the creatures start coming closer and closer and trusting you…sometimes too comfortable they try to land on me butterflies and birds! It really is the way I see the remainder of my life living:-) it sure is nice to have a small little child in the garden, they make it complete:-)

      • You are an amazing woman Robbie. Life has given you lessons that have taught you that the earth, the garden, are more important that so many other things that we think are meaningful and you can find happiness in those simple, fundamental and most beautiful things. You (and I) are very lucky ladies Robbie. There aren’t many women who just “know” like we do 🙂

      • Same to you Fran:-) I am thankful for those lessons but I have to admit, I may not of been so thankful at the time I was going through those lessons:-) I am blessed to know amazing people like you and the other “knowing” women-you know who they are:-) we share over the cyber fence!

    • Wendy-I know you have passed the love of growing and creating to your own:-) You are resting now but soon you will be out there again-My turn now, and I am sore today!

      • lol:-) I can relate! Yesterday, I worked all day then picked up my grandson to watch him to help out my daugher. I took him home around 7:30 and I could not walk around too well! Yep, I am inside today since chasing him is a workout. Normally, I come in and eat dinner, rest etc. But chasing a young toddler around for 3 hours after gardening all day-makes one realize, I am not a youngin anymore! I am resting before I chase him tonight:-)

      • Lol….you wonder how you ever did it with your own and then realise it was such a lonnnnggg time ago when you weren’t getting way too far beyond middle aged for your own comfort!

  4. Lovely quotes Robbie, my children are absolutely at one with nature and both say when we have a garden of our own will you come and do it mum! That makes me smile but I also know that the love of gardening has already been sown with them both. My mum is a passionate gardener too, its really lovely to have so much to share.

    • My mother told me my brother is always talking to her on the phone about the same gardening things weekly. He lives on a ranch in another state, I live in an urban area( another state)- and we both garden. We go all the way back many generations of gardening….she commented on Mother’s Day when I called, “Robbie, when I chat to your brother each week he is planting the same things and you both talk about it weekly, yet you live so far away from each other”-she is amazed how we are so similar-LOL. I feel gardening is what will keep my mind and body healthy as I age! Perfect exercise:-)

  5. I don’t think my daughter will ever be a gardener but she is a big garden appreciator. But I think my son will end up with a garden of his own. When he was little he liked to pull weeds when he ‘needed to think’. 🙂

    • “needed to think” is priceless! He is set for life:-) My garden has been my “go to” for healing and stress recovery:-) there is scientific research to prove a garden does destress!

  6. It took me many years (and at least three thousand miles) but I’ve finally taken my mother’s example to heart (and then some!) I hope my daughter will get to do the same one day. Thx for sharing the fabulous quotes!!!

    • My oldest gardens in Sweden but they have a sun porch out their flat, my middle is just starting to get involved but busy starting her career+ my son just graduated from his master’s program so he is in an apartment as yours are which means no place to garden:-( My brother and I both garden but did not until we had our own homes. My mom is always amazed how we live states away- but are both gardening and growing when we call weekly-it is in the DNA!

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