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Spring is here….life is simple



IMG_7970 IMG_7971 IMG_7919something about pink and orange in the spring  makes me smile….

IMG_7982 daffodils quietly retreat as the days become longer…


In 2014, I added more dwarf fruit trees to our city lot and they were nothing more than a small twig. This year they are filling out! I added 2 more plums, a pear, and another sweet cherry last week. Our fruit trees are all done + I am eager to see them all filled with fruit!

IMG_7952My first blossoms this year from a cherry tree I planted 4 years ago…


purple asparagus stretching to the sky…


IMG_7924Spring is here and I am ready for a great growing year!


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  1. Aren’t dwarf fruit trees brilliant? I have 5. I didn’t ever believe I could grow fruit in my small plot, but, thanks to dwarf stock, I can.

    • me too! I am so excited about the “sweet” cherry for that takes 4-7 years to produce and she has some blooms this year:-) It is so expensive here in USA-organic fruit.

      • OH, I can hardly wait to have these new ones be that old. When we moved here in, 1991-there were 3 fruit trees. They were very old( 30 plus) and provided for years but the last few years they have been declining and showing their age. We lost one a few years ago, so that is when I decided to put in dwarfs(8-10ft). Our city lot is small and full grown fruits would be impossible.I have never grown them before, but am so eager to see all the fruit. It takes time but I can hardly wait to have “5” year old dwarfs.It must be amazing when you have all that fresh fruit!

      • I had to look “feijoas” up for I had never heard of one before-really fascinating! They grow in the USA in zone 8-11, not in my zone 5:-( darn-it sure sounds interesting, but I do know what you mean about having a surplus-my raspberries get that way towards the end of summer:-)

      • I read your post-really beautiful flowers on that fruit! It kind of looks like a cross between a kiwi and an avocado, but hairless-tee hee:-) Thank you for sharing, I learned something new today!

  2. Some beautiful spring pics, well done! The season of my daffodils was stunning but shortened by the summer-like temperatures but I’m still enjoying my tulips 🙂

  3. Spring is definitely there! What variety of plums do you have? Our plum tree is going bonkers this year! It’s too warm in the winters here for cherries, sadly, but we get citrus in trade.

    • I just put them in this spring:-)-a stanley and damson. The sweet cherry is but 4 years old. They get 12-15 wide and tall. I only could fit two of those on my lot. I did squeeze in about 12 dwarf fruit trees which I can hardly wait to start blooming one day! It will take a few years:-)

  4. Wow Robbie you are so far ahead of us! Here, daffodils are just beginning to bloom. I know what you mean about those “sticks” – my Red Maple was just a stick a couple years ago and now it is probably 15′ or taller and I love to see the birds actually perching on it. I planted all “sticks” but none fruiting unless you count Serviceberry – but I planted that for the birds, not me. Just love those orange tulips! MMMM purple asparagus. I have green but no sign of it yet. And I just planted some of that “checkered” fritillary last Fall – hope it comes up – unlike my Aconite. So glad Spring has sprung!

    • amazing ” magical” little twigs is what they are:-)tee hee:-) My cherry does not have full-tree of blooms-they are scattered throughout her:-) I squeezed in a black cherry ( this year-she will have a buddy to hang out with in my yard)in the corner which ends my trees! Organic fruit is so expensive around here:-)The apple + pears are about as tall as me this spring:-)
      I forgot they were orange tulips, but they sure make me smile- I don’t have much orange in my garden-LOL
      Our “unusual” warm is coming your way and I bet you will get in the upper 70’s (78!) and in the sun, possibly 80! It was hurting our plants until this cool windy+ rainy stuff came through late sunday afternoon. I was worried about all the plants since they are young and fresh and can’t handle hot, humid in April!
      It might dip in the freezing here this week,too-mother nature is taking us for a ride!
      I have one checkered fritillary so far-but I planted mine for the first time last fall-
      they are so neat! I sure hope I get some more:-)
      Happy Spring-Kathy!!! Glad your back in your potager:-)

    • awww-Wendy-you are so sweet…I do have to share, I put in purple asparagus last fall + it is up. They say you can’t harvest too much the first few year- I tried-One stalk + it is AMAZING! I am sure you knew that already, but I have hated asparagus my whole life. I have tried it from the store and it is always-blah…not mine fresh from the garden-LIKE CANDY:-) People always told me it was that sweet:-)
      I am putting in a few more this fall-YUM!

      • Robbie, we love asparagus here but Roger hated it until we grew it, it didn’t taste bad like shop stuff lol. We haven’t tried purple and ours has been in 4 years I think and we are only now picking whatever comes up. It has been a little slow.

      • It is so exciting when you find you can grow amazing perennial food such as asparagus. If I had more room, I would try some other types:-) You know me and my purple veggies!
        It may be slow, but so worth the wait:-) I don’t hate it anymore:-)

  5. Robbie, I planted hot pink and bright orange tulips last year and they are just flowering. A first with this colour combination for me, but so cheerful. You have asparagus already, no sign here at all. Happy Spring to you!

    • Happy Spring:-) Julie. Yep, I have asparagus but I am not suppose to eat it since it is the 2nd year,butttt:-) I cheated and had a spring today! I read you may have one from each plant-well, I had to find out if “IT IS”as amazing as everyone says when it is fresh. IT IS!!! Oh my goodness, no bitterness and just as sweet as candy:-) I hated asparagus all my life until someone talked me into trying fresh asparagus from the garden. I did for the first time today + I can tell you, I will NEVER purchase any from the grocery store again. Do you know how many years you have to wait till you can harvest?
      As for the “orange + Pink” I just went with it and, I have to admit I like it this time of year. Never in my life would I assume those two would look lovely, but they sure do in the spring garden!
      Everything is green, yellow + purple…so that punch of orange is grand:-) I look forward to seeing yours when they bloom:-)

  6. It is amazing to me how quickly your garden goes from white and bare to colourful and abundant! I can see the flesh on those tulip petals your photo is so clear! I want to grow a lemon tree in my tiny plot next season, it will be tubbed and I am determined to keep it alive and to keep it producing….. 🙂

    • Do grow a lemon! My friend grew a lime from a little plant she picked up at the local garden center:-) She has to bring it inside when it gets cold but she got a tiny lime:-)
      It is amazing how it just springs from the earth + grows so abundantly. I look at old photos and it is magical to me how it becomes so green and filled in over such a short time! Those are a different color for a tulip, but I just “gotta have orange” in my garden-tee hee!

  7. I love the dwarf trees – I have a dwarf Granny Smith & Pink Lady. I only had two apples this first year, but I’m sure that will change in coming seasons! And those pink tulips with the variegated leaves are really something….I put a few tulips in this year to see if they naturalise for me, the problem is with cool, wet summers, tulips tend to rot. So I might just have to enjoy them in other people’s gardens 🙂

    • I know the dwarfs are so great for people with small spaces! I squeezed in 5 dwarf apples, 3 pears, 2 cherries ( semi-dwarf) and I am so excited they were able to fit on our property:-)
      I know what you mean, I use to have some lovely purple ones, but those are gone. I can’t have them in the front for the critters dig them up. My dog keeps them away in my back yard, so I do get some. I like those variegated leaves, too. I don’ t remember seeing them when I purchased the bulbs-sure like them now:-)

    • Gotta have some orange in the spring:-) They are all planted and the new “fruit twigs”(what they look like to me when they send them-lol) are filling out! I am so grateful for “dwarf” ones for our city lot would not have been able to fit full-size fruit trees:-)

  8. Those tulips are *amazing*!!! And how did you guys get them blooming so much faster than us?! This has been such a weird/rough year. All the bulbs are coming up at the same time and the early blooming trees are leafing with the mid-spring ones. But it’s gonna be a beautiful May, I just know it! Enjoy!!!

    • I feel we are on a”weather roller coaster ride” this year. I feel we may have to brace ourselves for the changes in the future….it may be a free for all as to weather down the road…can’t count on it-freezing at night here now but 80 this weekend-makes -poor plants!

  9. I love your tulips, something that just won’t grow for me. I tried for several years, but they just became spindly and died away in the heat. I got nary a bloom as far as I can remember! Good luck with your fruit trees. I hope you get a great crop!

    • I know it will be a few years for the plum and cherry:-) I am only able to put tulips in the backyard for the front they just dig them up:-( I sure hope these multiply the next few years:-) I love the colors orange and pink this time of year-makes me smile!

  10. Hello Robbie, I am so sorry to have missed your last few posts. No matter how many times I ‘follow’ you I never seem to get alerts that you have published new ones. 😦
    I love your those pink tulips and those daffodils, with the white edging- they are very special!
    Spring is such a glorious treat. It is good to see flowers and to smile again 🙂

    • Oh- Karen-you are so right! Flowers make me smile. Being outside with the birds singing every day + my little buzzing buddies, perfection! What else do I need??? You don’t worry, I know you are there and working hard creating. I have not been visiting as many blogs myself due to being outside. Who wants to be inside when you can garden. My garden is my living room!

  11. Any questions as to how far behind I am? I just don’t give up working to get all my favorites read. Spring has just moved into summer this week. We raced to get the heavy work done before the heat enfolds us. I haven’t even had time to write about it. 😦 Your flowers and trees are a breath of fresh air.Love the colors.

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