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Spring is here the wee folk are out!


The Wee Folk are here it must be spring…I caught my resident wee folk lady in my mache patch!


She was out harvesting some corn salad! She stopped to chat with me since the wee folk  will stop to visit if they know you are working with them to keep the land healthy. She told  me her son was running about the yard…..

IMG_7860 sounding the horn to let the bees know it was time to come out from hiding……


and  he was busy this spring for I planted more “bee-friendly ” spring flowers last fall. I was wise to plant more than I thought since there is enough for everyone, if we have a surplus!


Not much is up right now but there are a few things for the Wee Folk to harvest this spring….lovage is emerging but still too small for me to use….

IMG_7909In every world there are those that tend to hide out and not do their share of the work….found this little guy in the chervil which reseeded in my pots…he looks like he has had a bit more than just chervil! His cheeks are  red!

You all have a wonderful Easter Weekend + I will see you next week to talk more Urban Gardening. Don’ t forget to get your Lettuce, Radish, Kale, Chard and other salad greens seeded if you are eager to have some garden salads. I did all my salad beds this week but our Urban Potager is not too pretty with all the Chicken wire up since the rabbits won’t leave our greens alone…it won’t be long before they will find other things to eat! She told me not to worry they would leave my stuff alone once the clover came up.


Happy Easter

If you ever visit my Garden don’t let the Big Guy scare you if you see him hanging out by the fountain…you won’t miss him he is a giant compared to the Wee   Folk….and his whistle can be heard for miles!



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  1. I thought lettuce was supposed to make rabbits sleepy; that’s what Beatrix Potter said. 🙂 Magical wee folk you have there. Do you think they will find Easter Eggs in your garden?

    • You are so right! It does seem like just a minute ago, I was trying your “lovage soup” recipe:-) YUM-can’t wait
      Happy Easter Chloris:-)

  2. A lovely post Robbie. I hope the wee folk didn’t get too cold out there. It’s 5C here but that is still probably warmer than it is in some places over there. Have a wonderful day celebrating how you want to tomorrow 🙂

    • Hi Lrong! Sure miss reading your blog but congrats on your 29th celebration!
      Good to see you back blogging miss your amazing photos of your beautiful potager:-)
      They are cute and even my dog leaves them along:-)

  3. Just love your sense of humor Robbie! Sorry about the rabbits. I may go into the garden a bit today although we still have patches of s***! I put out some beautiful little mushrooms I forgot my brother had given me way back on my birthday in November. I just love them. I also hope to get a few bird houses out today – the Robins are singing now!

    • brrr…I put all my cole crops out but I am feeling the cold today-LOL-it is 40 and I have been spoiled by 70 this weekend!
      Happy Spring Kathy-I can’t wait to see all your new ideas!

  4. Oh, how cute is this!! lol. And you have changed your site to make the most of your most beautiful photography, I really like it Robbie! I have a new camera (actually my son’s cast off) and can’t figure the thing out, Roger fiddled with all the settings and my photos are horrid at present and I can’t find my way back.

    • Do not give up-You should of seen my first few months with my camera about 3 ears ago-REALLY BAD!LOL-just part of the learning process:-)
      Trust me it gets better the more you do it:-) It has more bells and whistles than a person needs!

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