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Are you surrounded by green inside?


I am!!! All my spring annual vegetables, herbs and flowers are taking over my life. Hectic time of year but I love it! I am sure it is busy for all of you that are growing from seed. Years ago, I started my spring crops either too early or too late. After many years of trial and error, I have a system that works for my growing area.

IMG_7648-paper-pots-2015To my blogger buddies, please forgive me if I have not stopped by and commented the past few weeks on your posts. I will be back soon! I am not spending much time at my computer lately. The seedlings are calling! I have tables filled with plants all over my home. It is a sea of green inside my house! I don’t have much time to read blogs. I will play catch-up after I get all these plants in the ground. My words are few these days, but my hands are in the dirt + busy making paper pots for all the little plants that I plan to share with local people.
IMG_7646-China-Aster-+-Black-EyedAll of these plants will be going in the garden in the next month or be a new addition to a new garden.


I have to pace my seed growing under lights or my shelves will get a bit over crowded! All of the plants that are  under lights need to make room for annual summer vegetables + flowers in the next few weeks. I will be starting peppers on heating pads next week. It should slow down as I approach May.


I am saving a lot of seed this year, so I will be growing out large numbers of various annuals that I have selected for “seed saving” since they do well in our growing zone. It was easier to grow them in  trays of 50 than to roll 50 paper pots. They will go directly in the ground for seed saving + companion planting for attracting beneficial insects.


It never ceases to  amaze me each spring what a beautiful miracle the life of a seed is….

it takes just a bit of your time to grow a plant from seed..


that will provide a spring salad…….

 A bee on a Mahagony Midget Coreopsis

and provide flowers for  spring pollinators! They count on us, and we need them!





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  1. So impressive Robbie, you are a green angel for providing for others and teaching them how to start growing. More power to your green fingers and your huge warm heart! We will see you when we see you and that will be just lovely!

    • Yep, I will be back but not as often until all these babies are outside.
      You should be flying soon!!!! It looks like the last big snow storm may be this week + spring may greet you when you come to American!

  2. How wonderful to see your productivity! I’ve been planting too and the first seeds are germinating – it’s sooo exciting:)

  3. They look marvelous! So happy and healthy. I just transplanted my tomatoes into their four inch pots yesterday and am looking at the next round of seeds to start…

    • It is Jewels:-) The “not too much fun” is the hardening off when I have to carry them in and out for those 2-3-4 etc..days to get them use to being outside. That part is not fun! But so worth it in the end:-)

  4. Impressive!!! Do you have a lot of windows or do you have to keep rotating all those trays? I wish I could do that but I tried one year just to overwinter some baby fruit trees and my cats decimated them! Enjoy your crop-to-be and don’t worry about us. We know you’ll check in when you can! 🙂

    • Lori-I do have a lot of windows-LOL. I have a great house to practice “passive solar”-tee hee! T he back end of my house and south side are filled with big picture windows:-)Ahead of their time in the 60’s when they built this house-a lot of windows:-) We have to replace them with more energy efficient here in the next few years-that will be a project!

    • aww Cynthia-thank you- I am so glad my husband is not upset with all the seedlings on the dining room table! I am running out of spots to place them:-) They need to be hardened off soon:-)

  5. I can feel the manic activity in this post Ms Robbie. I completely ‘get’ your not posting and not reading posts as baby plants and their production line take over your life. You have just had a nice long rest over winter and now it is time to get active again…go get em’! 🙂

    • Fran, they are taking over my house! My tables are covered with seedlings + I have not even started my nightshade veggies-YIKES! I really hated missing my sunday post, but I can’t get it all done. I have some natives in the fridge for 10 days, 30 days, 60 days CS + then I have to make sure they are watered-not miss one! Those lights can be a bit strong on baby plants. Once they are in the ground, I always feel like a proud parent!

      • With you Ms Robbie, the things we do for our babies. We have had them all over the place here before. I am just about to get all of our winter seedlings going as I am going to plant out our very first winter garden this year. Looks like we are garden busy all round 🙂

  6. Oh, so joyous! I am getting anxious to get home and start my own seeds – seeing your sea of green, I hope I am not too late! I love following your progress Robbie. I will be growing Casper this year, thanks to you! Happy growing. Spring is coming.

    • Happy Growing to you Kathy! You may have one more snow storm coming your way + I believe we may be “snow free”-LOL
      I love Casper:-) I saved seed from it a few years ago + am growing out again this year since I need to save seed again:-)
      I love my sea of green just not too much if I knock over a tray!

  7. Oh my goodness, what a lot of babies you have. Congratulations on all your hard work. I am only just starting and you have inspired me to get going.

    • If I didn’t enjoy growing them from seed it would be work- to me it is joy:-)I feel like a proud parent when they are blooming or supplying food for our home:-) Good thing- I have a rest in the winter! I don’t know about joy if it were every month of the year!
      Today it is in the teens + the roads are covered with ice. I am happily inside tending my “temporary” green oasis:-) This is why, I don’ t have house plants-where would I put them!:-)

    • The first round which will be hardened off here in a few weeks, I started them before Christmas. I started Kale( 4 types), Swiss Chard ( 2 types), parsley, cilantro, tatsoi before the first of the year. I then started my native perennials in January. I then started other flowers ( historical pansy, snap dragons, calendula-cool weather flowers to help in vegetable gardens) + some other annuals- I am observing ( this year) to see if they are beneficial in a companion planting scheme:-)
      All the cole crops I started before 2015 will go out in the garden a bit larger + will usually grow for me until the following year. I use protection. I need them larger to go outside due to not having them eaten-lol. I am tired of that happeneing and they don’t achieve their height before our snow falls in novemeber.
      I grow a lot for other people since I am helping them learn. I then started spring garden greens under lights mid winter and will harden them off after the first batch is in the garden.

      This week, I am starting peppers (on heating mats) + summer flowers.
      I have found over the years, my tomatoes get too lanky if I start them too early in the spring. I use St. Pat. Day as my cut off day.
      Then after all the summer annuals are in the ground, I will grow broccoli for late fall + a few other natives I am starting for fall. I also started my spinach last fall in the ground and it is a winter type which was still green under the snow. I can’t plant spinach out in the spring for it always bolts( too early around here!). I read a lot about starting it in the spring. I tried it and it was green under the snow in January! It works better that way for our growing zone.
      I also have mache, radciccio, leaf celery ( under cover) that I put in last spring. I am still trying to figure all this out, but I am still learning + hopefully soon, I will have it figured out!
      It is a “process” and not a perfect one at that but an adventure each growing season!

  8. I’m at least in my greenhouse. Favourite time of year when everything is growing, smiling and full of anticipation. Like your newspaper pots – have you ever tried loo rolls? Thought about giving it a go this year. Should be great for Lathyrus who need tall pots.

  9. Reblogged this on Show Me Oz and commented:
    The gardeners soul is never far from the garden. I love the way Robbie shares his love of gardening with simple words and powerful images. Sowing the future of flitting butterflies, savory scents along the herb garden path, and warm tomatoes glistening in the sun – one seed at a time. Enjoy!

  10. Very happy to see you still on WordPress. I am an old familiar face using an alias for the time being… But, I will soon unveil the mask… Sorry I disappeared from WordPress in January 2014. Keep up the good work and GET DIRTY! (Sound familiar?)

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