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The soil at Railway Parade

(…or, why I mulch and compost….)

Robbie over at Palm Rae Urban Potager made a great post about the importance of soils. With the 21st being ‘Save the Soils’ day, I thought I’d share a bit of info about what is under my feet.

To say that my soils are sandy and rocky is an understatement.

What passes for topsoil in much of Australia is in fact nothing more than ancient decomposed rock particles. This describes my yard: the soil is a mix of decomposed Sydney sandstone, Ironstone and a little bit of Granite….I don’t think he needs Rock Dust-WOW..that is one hard garden to work in + I admire him for keeping with it! Amazing-read his story(here)


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Written by Robbie

M.S. Education, , Organic Gardener, soil + nature lover, former modern dancer


    1. lol..I tried to help Lori the best I could + some people posted:-) but a lot of people:-) as you:-) are busy growing-You have 4 acres of work!..the rest of us have a lot more time to be sitting inside thinking about soil!

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