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My kinda of award to my favorite bloggers= reblogging + commenting!

They created a courtyard wiht native trees and plants...

I am starting a new tradition on my blog next week. I may on occasion just reblog a “non-gardening” post that inspires me or share a blogger that tugs at my heart + speaks to my soul.. There are too many shallow people out there in this world + we need to celebrate those that speak from their heart! I don’t just follow garden blogs, I follow people who inspire:-) You know who you are for I leave “comments” on your blog.

 I also feel when you take the time to comment on someone’s post it means the world to them. It is too easy to “hit” the like button. I find that people who take the time to leave a comment are usually the ones you develop a friendship with over time. It is not a popularity contest. It is not about how many comments you get, it is about what the person says. If I leave a comment on your blog, it is because your post “spoke” to me. You said something, I always wanted to say + didn’t have the guts to say it in person or on my blog. I admire people with a lot of moxie!

I also leave comments on posts where I learned something. It is a thank you, to you for taking the time to research and post something useful for me. It does not always have to do with gardening. In fact, many of my cyber friends blog about subjects, I do not blog. I guess we would not be in the same circle of friends! I never like to be pigeon-holed. I always encouraged my children to find friends in different groups at school. Don’t follow one crowd or what they think for it limits the depth to your life. You don’t grow. I learn from all kinds of people, and it makes my life richer. If you are true to yourself, you don’t have to be afraid of being changed by others.

I get busy in my life + miss things. Too often, I might add. I reblogged Carol’s post that I  missed today. She  put my comment, to her eloquent post which are many in her blog- Voices from the Margins. You have to know her for she embodies the word “wisdom” + I might add “kindness”….she is a great woman + you all need to read her blog. She is a gifted writer. I admire people who are blessed with the ability to write. My oldest daughter was gifted with “words” + I hope some day she starts writing again for the world needs talented writers that inspire. I do believe it is a gift. Many of us can write blogs, but there are those that actually “encourage” and write from the deepest corners of their soul. Carol is the person. Make sure you add her to your weekly read you won’t be disappointed. I have never met her in person, but I can tell you from reading her blog posts, she is a person I would be honored to call a friend

 Take the time to make a comment + make a cyber friend:-) Your life will be a lot richer for it…..

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  1. Robbie, I am deeply honored by your kind words. I am so grateful for the chance to learn from you and truly wish we could share a cup of tea in person, dear friend.

  2. You are right about Carol. She is honest, open and shoots from the hip. My kind of blogger :). Every time I read one of your posts it excites me. I end up bouncing in my chair as you are saying exactly what I feel. “YES!” I feel like yelling but Stevie-boy is fast asleep with Earl, upside down on the bed while Bezial is out here (admittedly sighing heavily at my stupidity for getting up so early and for him having to make sure I am OK by migrating from his nice warm bed to the cold kitchen sofa…) keeping me company and would be somewhat alarmed to hear me yell out. Its blog posts like this that keep me coming back for more and like you, I comment because I truly appreciate the effort that my fellow blogger has taken to communicate something of worth to me. Hitting “like” is easy and lazy and boring. Telling someone you don’t know, who has made you think, touched you deeply with their words or who has changed your thought processes or awoken ideas and ideals inside you that you appreciate their efforts is the very least we can do. Blogs wash in and out of my RSS Feed Reader. I get bored of them…they bother me with their banality and their fibs about life being “perfect” and “sterile” and “white” (and thin…LIFE IS NOT THIN! 😉 ) when we all know that life is soil and mud and tears and sunshine on your face when you have just about had enough and learning and adapting and growing and SO much more than thin! Note to self…”yes, weight loss may be starting to wear a bit thin but you really don’t have to take it to other people’s blog posts”…OK self? ;). Hugs for another thoughtful post that made me say “AMEN!” internally, and very loudly. I am sure Bezial just shifted on his couch with my internal yelling ;). Have a great day Robbie and whatever you choose to post about is AOK with me and I will enjoy the ride and you can be sure that I will comment about it (whether you like it or not 😉 )

    • “:-) I am so blessed to know great people as “YOU ALL”-+ you know who you are..shoot, if I list ALL the great people that touch my life through blogging, I will miss someone-so to YOU ALL( I am not from the south,but my Dad is-so I can say YA ALL!) I love what you said- ” Carol- She is honest, open + shoots from the hip”-my kind of person:-) I sometimes will “like” a post and return later to comment. I have found the real connections are with the people that take the time to comment-to know you. I am finding “kindred spirits” over the cyber fence more often than living in my town. I have good people in my life, but I am finding the “over 40/50″ years are hard to meet people that are down to earth. Some people just become settled in their life + don’t want to reach out and get to know others. I have often heard them say, ” I have my friends”…hmmm..there is always room for more people in your life:-)

  3. Another blog to follow? I have an ever so slightly panicky feeling at the thought – but you are right – Carol writes wonderful posts, well worth reading. I loved her post for her grand daughter’s first published story – heck I loved the story! It is also a treat to read something from inside the US that acknowledges the truth of your political system and state of freedom…………

    Thank you for sharing and introducing Carol to us. I like your kind of award 🙂

    • Pauline, you are a gifted writer as she is, so you would enjoy her posts! She writes from the heart + I am glad you took the time to visit her:-) She is a brilliant woman, you will enjoy her blog. I do feel that way about “another” blog. I just had to say something,I had not read her blog in a bit + stopped by one day and it was about politics. Well, she just said what I wanted to say! You want to laugh at our politics, you should watch two American shows. There are two- “Alpha HOuse”with Amazon Prime + “Veep” on our HBO. I don’t know if you can get them but you will get a kick out of the show. It also makes you laugh at politicians in general, no matter what country they come from:-)
      Excuse wikepdia as my source:but quick way to show the tv shows-you will laugh-trust me!

  4. Robbie, why am I not surprised you thought of Carol and Voices from the Margins! Both of your blogs are at the top of my list!
    Carol is an amazing woman, with an even more amazing ability to educate others. I’m one of her students here in this virtual world at WP. Whatever she blogs about, I am left with a feeling of peace, knowing someone is out there trying to make the world a better place.
    Just like you, Robbie! Oh, I just so love my blogging friends!! ♥

  5. I agree with your words: “Don’t follow one crowd or what they think for it limits the depth to your life. You don’t grow. I learn from all kinds of people, and it makes my life richer. If you are true to yourself, you don’t have to be afraid of being changed by others.”

    I have also learned from all kinds of people and it has made my life richer. And for some reason this reminds me of your garden, with so many different kinds of plants, and together in one place, in your garden, they make life richer.

  6. I am so tired and I am on my phone in bed but I had to-comment Robbie because you inspire me and the reblog inspired me also! Thank you for making me feel good as I packed up my fish tank today of some 40 plus years for a new home. I was / am so sad but I vow never to keep anything in a cage again. I hope (know) they have a new lively home with 3 dogs some geckos an iguana and another type of lizard – they’ll never miss me! Good night.

  7. I do so agree about taking the time to comment. Occasionally there is only time for a like but comments mean a lot and bring another dimension and another set of learnings to a blog post. Since I am very behind with blogging I am off to catch up with that delicious cup of tea that is waiting in your next post.

    • I totally agree. There are times I hit “like” and head back later to make a comment. I sometimes make it back + sometimes I don’t. I try to not always hit “like” and take the time to comment when I can. People take the time to put together a post for educational, share, or inform + it does take time. I feel when I comment it is a thank you for taking the time to post. I also feel you get to know people, over time when you comment:-) It makes blogging a bit more fun!

    • Hi Cynthia-
      Belated-Merry Christmas to you too! I had a bit of a scare after Thanksgiving with tumors but all is good. I have a slow growing cancer but it had not changed…I need to catch up and read blogs…once the year begins in 2016 I’ll get back to it…just did not feel like blogging while I went through it-but all good again. HOpe you are doing well too:-)

      • Don’t worry about reading blogs, dear Robbie. I am so glad to hear that nothing bad has developed, but I can feel for you that this must have been quite frightening. Thanks for replying, as you’ve been on my mind a lot. Just hearing from you is a blessing. Thank God all is good again.

      • Amen to that:-) I know you understand…..we belong to the club “I get it” it is a club you don’t want to be asked to join. A club that finds you and changes you forever-for the better:-) My son just left for Boston ( he got a job after college there this summer) + I am taking a few days off to figure out what direction I want to go in 2016-I am excited to start 2016!

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