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Whimsical Blogger Unfettered Fox gave me the best compliment in the world!


I found this beauty traveling through my garden today + thought of you Sheri how you love your monarchs. This guy was posing for me + he was  like a little sculpture among the flowers…I knew you would appreciate him!

“I was so flattered when I read a post by Unfettered fox ( sheri) that touched me…..

“First is Robbie, who writes Palm Rae Urban Potager. Robbie doesn’t know this but she was one of the first three people ever to comment on my blog. Her message was so thoughtful and heartfelt, exactly the style of her blog posts. A cancer survivor, Robbie combines personal thoughts and experiences, scientific facts, permaculture concepts and pretty pictures with concrete ideas about living sustainably and healing oneself and one’s community using simple, natural methods. As she says: “This is  my new journey to create a place to support biodiversity, grow healthy food, create, and share with others the beauty around us each day that we take for granted.” Palm Rae Urban Potager”


Sometimes there are weeks where you just keep on doing what you are doing and wonder if it really does make a difference in someone else life or helps in some small way in the world… …and then you stumble upon a comment by a blogger,you admire and it just lifts your spirits! Sheri, you made my day today! Thank you for thinking of me, it really meant a lot…more than you will ever know!


Stop by + read Unfettered Fox you won’t be disappointed,she is a multi-talented lady, and her blog is fun to read! She always makes me chuckle and her life has the “wow” factor in it! She is an artist,cooks amazing food, grows a beautiful organic garden + has a whimsical personality! Trust me, you will “wow” her blog!


I will answer the 3 questions:

1. What are you working on? This summer was “ALL” about vertical growing in Palm Rae Potager. I just built my last two bamboo trellis yesterday for 2014 + will write a post soon about my vertical growing this summer. I had to focus on vertical growing because I needed more space to grow, so I just went UP, UP and AWAY!!!! It really is a challenge to learn how to grow vertically, but after a second year  of growing my squash + cucumbers it seems to be the only way I will grow them. I also am busy trying to keep “fresh eating” from Late March to January in our potager, so I am busy planting fall seedlings for our fall garden. I like year round fresh greens, so am working on that goal this summer to eat fresh “greens” during those 14 weeks. My microgreens / mini veggies should work during that time period! I made it to Mid January last year, so my goal this year is to get to Feb/March. My fingers are crossed!


2. How does your work differ from others of the same genre? I guess my blog, is a garden blog so I would say it is different in that it is about growing “organically” on a small urban lot. I don’t have a lot of land!My goal was to grow year round, so I have been working on it for about 10 years and the past two-years, I have been growing food from early spring to late winter. The only time we don’t have fresh food from our urban potager is between mid-January to mid-March, but that will be solved this spring when I introduce microgreens to Palm Rae Potager! Technically they are inside growing, but it is still eating fresh produce year round. I finally figured out( got it right after some bad crops) how to improve them and add them to dishes for those 14 weeks we don’t have fresh food. I will be writing a blog post soon all about the health benefits of microgreens. Scientific data to support the health claims of microgreens is finally available! That is great, but they won’t replace our summertime vegetables. They pack a punch for nutrition, but you would have to eat a whole tray to feel full-Lol!


3. Why do I write what I do? I consider myself a “visual” person + not a writer. I write out of the need to get the information in the hands of others. I want to share what I am learning so others can learn how to do it too, right where they live. I created this blog to share information about what I grow + also to let people know what works and does not work for me, personally….but the best thing about writing a blog is the wonderful people who stop by and comment/ask questions/share what they know. It is a community + I treasure it as much as the one out my front door!


   Also check out her art! I am still hoping to purchase one of her sculptures one day for my garden!!! Amazing work!


You can find her at Scraphound studio!

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  1. Yes, it is hard to be a blogger, wondering if anyone really cares what we post, if real people actually look at our photos. I think your goal to eat fresh year round is interesting. Of course, in the past, I guess that’s why people did canning, but I know that is a big job. Happy August 🙂

    • lol…so true,but everyonce in awhile we find some kindred spirits over the cyber fence:-)Yep, I like the fresh stuff mostly due to flavor lost sometimes:-(

  2. They got you too?! Those crafty blog hoppers are invading the earth! I find that I might be writing for an audience and get a bit miffed if no-one comes to visit Serendipity Farm of a Wednesday but at the end of the day I am not writing the blog for audiences alone, I am using my little space as a place to experiment mentally with how my week has gone. A diary of sorts without the hidden quotient and it is always lovely to have someone else see the essence of “you” that you bleed out onto the typed page and hang out on the cyberspace washing lines of communal exploration to air and dry. When someone else, a stranger, connects it is an opening for a friendship to begin or maybe simply just a chance to connect with someone on the other side of the globe that you would never otherwise have had the chance to tap thoughts with. You are truly appreciated Robbie and we love your gorgeous images, your thought provoking posts and your beautiful way of putting your words carefully, one step in front of the other so that they matter 🙂 HUGS from Sidmouth 🙂

    • You are a wise woman!!! Well, I did not mind this one because it was not one of those awards that you have to nominate 15 people etc…that is why I got out of that stuff a long time ago, I sort of liked the simplicity of this one, 3 simple questions, I can handle that-lol!
      You are one of those fun people I have met + I can’t imagine a week that goes by I don’t get to read one of your funny posts! You remind me of a little kid that if they are quiet, you better go check on them because you know they are up to something-LOL…crawling into tanks while the rest of us hold our breath, wondering if you will crawl back out!:-)
      As always , you have a gift for words that really puts it all in to perspective this “blog writing” thingy we do:-) It does feel good when someone does apprecciate your effort, but you are so right we do it to share and if someone hears + connects, than that is just plain COOL!!!!

      • HAHAHAHAHA! Always wanted to be “that kid” but when I was actually a little girl I was quiet and very shy and behaved impeccably…I was obviously a late bloomer 😉

      • and boy do you bloom! Dead heading you is an endless job since you never stop blooming…too much to say + I am so glad you are a late bloomer…all that shy,quiet stuff was your wheels turning and collecting for later in life so we can all enjoy your antics now + what a joy you are:-)

  3. Robbie, your photos are superb, stunningly beautiful! It almost seems like this Swallowtail butterfly was posing for you! I’m always glad to check out another blog, thanks for sharing! 🙂

  4. That is a beautiful and heartfelt comment on the special person you are Robbie. I loved your synopsis too and am so glad you too took part in this blog hop thing – it is such fun! Your garden and the photos you post of it are SO inspirational – I credit you as one of the major influencers on my being brave enough to have a go in my tiny space to go UP!! 🙂 I hope you know this. I think we cannot know what sparks we might light up in another person’s life – and often it is not our business to know either. I love when people stop by and comment – I love my little blogging community of friends – I love having new ones stop by – it all makes my world seem bigger and fuller somehow. I am content knowing that in the same way I am touched and inspired by posts I read, so from time to time I may touch or inspire someone else. It is one of the great pluses about the internet! Love you!! xoxo

  5. That was a beautiful tribute to you, Robbie. I believe I’ve written about you in a number of my posts, and always saying something similar about just how incredible you are! Congratulations on all the love–you deserve it!! ❤

    • yes, Mandy + you are one of the “great ones” too that make this world a better place…I treasure our “cyber ” friendship!

    • 🙂 this swallowtail just posed for me today + it was interesting how he floated all around and kept getting closer and closer to me. I have butterflies land on me in my urban potager, birds run into me. and bees sleep in the flowers at night..this is their home + I am just part of the landscape now:-) They let me get closeup!

  6. FIrst of all, thanks for the butterfly photo essay today! Really lovely illos for a sweet story! PS, are you doing mache this year? I am determined to get it right so we can have those greens as early as possible next spring. They didn’t mind the snow (under the cold frame) but I waited to harvest them and bam, bolted! Good luck with your winter (ever)green project!!!

    • Hi Lori! I will do mache again, but they bolt for me, too in the late spring! I need to put them in a shaded area since they seem to bolt less. I had them in a sunny area this past spring, so will move them to a shady area for next year. I may put them in my new purple asparagus bed..hmm..that is an idea:-) I don’t have that much shade anymore with the removal of more trees in my neighbors yard from a storm a few years ago that destroyed the old trees….I need to get them seeded next week. Thank you for reminding me:-) I will share my microgreens, they are so yummy!

  7. Well I can say I enjoy your blog immensely and am inspired each time I visit here! I just spent two days in my OWN garden and I am in LOVE all over again – getting out there again today. The magic is back and it feels so good! I’m heading over to the Unfettered Fox. Keep at it Robbie – you are truly inspiring and do make a difference!

    • Kathy, good to hear you are back out there and the “magic” is back! It really never escapes us:-) Do go over there you will enjoy her blog. You make a difference, too Kathy!!!:-)

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