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Over the Cyber Fence, I met Granny and yesterday she passed away from cancer…

 Over the cyber fence, we meet all kinds of people, but Granny will be one that I will always remember since she was an inspiration to not only me , but many gardeners! Granny died of cancer yesterday.I really had hoped that she would beat the “C” beast again, but sometimes it is our time to go + she will be greatly missed by this blogger.

Granny was the first person to ever comment on my blog! I started reading her blog in 2010, I noticed back then that she knew every one of the people who posted on her blog + always took the time to leave a personal response to their comment. Over the cyber fence that is rare + she was a gem that will be greatly missed..

Blogging came  naturally to her, too. She would just post about whatever was going on in her life and garden.She made blogging look simple, but most of us know it is not. Then one day, she gave me my first blogging award! I had never received a blogger award before, so when I got this one from her it made it even more special because she was a mentor!

I learned a lot whenever I stopped by to read your blog + will miss my weekly visits…

My heart goes out to your beautiful family that will be missing you right now…

I remember a few years ago when you loved these vases + made a comment on my old blog about these spring flowers…it meant so much when ever you stopped by + you will be missed by this blogger…Happy Spring in Heaven Granny:-)



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  1. I’ve been seeking blogs from folks writing about Granny today and almost everyone is talking about how she was the first one to leave a comment on their blog and how she got to know those who commented on hers. She truly was an amazing woman, inspiration and friend! Thank you for posting this. 🙂 (This says I’m Ranni at the Flamingbard and I am, but I have another blog that isn’t gamer related. I don’t know how to log into and comment from that one instead of this one, LOL! I’m Teresa, not some creeper spammy bot.)

    • I was surprised it took her down so fast. It seems like yesterday she mentioned she was battling the big C beast. I will miss her greatly:-( I remember her comment ( my first) with the “picture with her hat” + how it just made my day! Shoot anytime she stopped by to make a comment made my day:-) I never did meet her in person, but she made you feel as if you knew her your whole life…:-)

      • Was very aggressive and she felt so normal, so ‘not sick’ she had no idea she had cancer again. Even after her diagnosis she said she didn’t feel sick, just tired. I do not have the people skills she did but I think I should try and work on that. Seeing how she touched so many people … what an inspiration!

      • the beast can be aggressive + take a person out so quickly:-( I am glad to hear she had no idea she had cancer again. Shoot how did she know it was not just being tired from all the work that she did in her garden and around her home. She always amazed me with how hard she worked. I still love that post with her dirty knees:-) They broke the mold when they made her + look at all the people her blog touched. Yes, we all can learn from Granny:-)

      • She went in for a regular colonoscopy and they found the cancer then. She didn’t feel tired until she started radiation for the brain tumors. Says so much towards her strength and energy! I’d forgotten about the dirty knees, lol. Thank you for the reminder. 🙂

      • was it colon cancer? or was it brain cancer? or did it just spead? Yes, I loved that post + will miss her humor that was often in her blog:-)

      • It spread.

        Amy said in a comment on the “Goodbye Granny” post that she’d keep the blog up as it is so we don’t lose Granny’s posts. So glad to hear that.

      • that would be great. I will continue to stop by and see what is going on…it seems odd that she is not behind the computer anymore. I went back today and read a bit about her “metastatic cancer” and I did not realize it could spread from initial place…she went too quickly. I had no idea it was that bad. She did nto even complain that munch. She was such a trooper, I just assumed she would beat it:-( It was only a little over a month…too quick:-(

    • I just found out yesterday,too. She passed away on the 7th. You know 7 is the number of completion. It was a perfect day to go, but oh how we will all miss her. I read about your lovely chocolate you sent her…you are very kind. It just seemed she went so quickly + we all were not expecting it it seems:-( I have no doubt she is gardening in Heaven:-)

      • I loved her, Robbie. It might sound strange since I never met her, but she would send me personal emails every now and then when she saw or heard something she thought I might like. I admired her greatly. What an incredible woman and an outstanding human being. I truly wish we had more time with her.

      • I don’t feel that is strange at all…she was special + I totally get what you mean about admiring her a lot. She truly loved life + lived a giving life. I never met her either, but felt like she was someone I could just stop by and chat. I loved her humor and I was reading through some of her posts I missed the past few months. I guess I did not realize she was as bad off as she was + started reading about her “metastatic cancer” today…she went too quickly. I just did not feel she would go that quickly:-( I wish we had more time,too….

  2. I am sorry for your loss Robbie . At the same time I am touched and heartened by your post that pays tribute to a woman who, simply by her blogging presence in your life, came to mean so much to you. It shows the power of the written word and our human intent does it not?

    I am sure that when we enter this [cyber] world openly and honestly we attract those who are kindred souls. I know I have met those who walk a similar path to mine, with a similar intent and spirit and it has the added bonus of creating my own little global village. We walk alongside each other for a bit – sharing a few minutes every so often and it has the effect of widening out my world with all kinds of new thoughts and activities and knowledge and how-to’s and inspiration. You all become my friends and I know I should miss anyone who stopped blogging for any reason. I think we are most fortunate to find ourselves in this particular cyber global village and, as Christopher Robin once said to Winnie the Pooh, ‘How lucky am I to know someone I shall miss so very much.’ xoxo

    • Pauline, “Global Village” that is too beautiful:-) How appropriate you mentioned Pooh. Her family put a “video tribute” on her blog with the song “House at Pooh Corner”…oh, so beautiful. I feel like I have my local friends, family and neighbors, but I also have my “cyber friends” or a “Global Village” like you call it…I love that term to describe all our cyber friends:-)

  3. Robbie, this beautiful tribute to Granny brings tears to my eyes. What a wonderful person she must have been to make others feel the loss so deeply. But she left all of you with something so special. Funny, I look at you and feel that same kind of “specialness”. You all must be a special tribe. ♥

    • I know:-) she was a lady we all met online, and I like what Pauline said, we have created “cyber villages”…that is so neat:-) She was a gem + in this world today , people that share + care are hard to find. I am so glad I met you Mandy because you are a pretty special person ,too + now you are a part of my “cyber village”…just over the cyber fence which really is not so far away:-)

  4. I love the idea of a cyber fence where we can all chat like days of old. Thanks for highlighting this wonderful way of looking at our digital friendships & for sharing the story of your special blog buddy & her kindness & generosity! Clearly, she will be missed…

    • I just came inside from chatting over the fence with my neighbor + then I stop by my cyber village( Pauline’s term) + find a few to chat with just like the gold old days! Something I look forward to every week!!!

  5. Reading this post and all the comments, I could think of only one thing: LOVE. What a beautiful tribute to her memory you and her friends have shared. She shared love and was loved in return – what more is there? May she rest in peace.

    • It is amazing how we just meet people through a blog + form friendships + we all inspire one another….great way to use the interent in a postive way:-) LOVE is spread so easily over the cyber fence:-) + it will be interesting if her family continues her blog since so many loved granny:-)

  6. I am sorry for your loss Robbie, big hugs for you This is a very beautiful tribute to obviously a much loved and respected blogger and “Granny”.
    I hadn’t come across her myself but do know I have made some very special friends here in the blogging community and how sad I would feel to have to watch them slip away like this. xx

    • She was the first person to ever make a comment on my blog + gave me my first award, so she was special to me and many others made the same comment about her that she stopped by and made the first comment on their blog:-) That “C” beast when it decides to spread really moves fast! She went so quickly, I had no idea:-( That is why we all need to take the time to visit + remember one another:-)

  7. I have never read this blog by this amazing lady – I am sorry that I have missed out. It is so nice to think that this “Cyber Village’ we are all building is a real place with such moving emotions.

    • it really is grand how everyone loved Granny + how she inspired so many people:-) Each week we visit blogs we are building friendships and finding kinship in our love for digging in the earth:-) I love “over the fence in our Cyber Village”…thanks to Pauline for the term “Cyber Village”…we really are not so far apart and we do enjoy visiting each week even if it is over the cyber fence:-)

    • Hi Lrong:-) She was a special blogger that inspired many:-) Her family will be missing her,but when they look at her garden they will have many good memories:-)

  8. The very best thing about blogging is that you can connect with people who really matter. You might never meet them physically but mentally you are in sync and Granny sounds like someone that made full use of the net to share what she knew and to connect with so many other people. Social media has given us all wings and sadly, Granny just used hers :(. I am sorry that you lost a good friend and mentor Robbie, I guess it’s your turn to take on her mantle and share what you know with others. That’s a fitting legacy for a wonderful woman

    • It is amazing how a women in her 70’s was so adept at using the internet. I remember a few years ago we all were having problems with our blogger ( I use to be on blogger when I started back in 2010), and she was on top of it and sharing with everyone how to fix it. I have seen my own mother grasp her lap top we got her this year, and she is LOVING it. I hope to be just like her + keep on learning. I have no doubt you will be GREAT at it since you are always doing really interesting things + sharing:-)

      • I had a heck of a time trying to teach my mum how to use a computer but she was persistent and kept going back for more. Hopefully I can carry on learning and growing as the net grows and don’t get stuck anywhere and lose my way! 🙂

      • When I read your blog, I see a person that is constantly trying to improve and learn…I have not known you long, but you sure don’t seem like someone that would EVER get stuck anywhere and lose your way:-)

      • I have done in the past but promised myself I would always be honest and if you are (honest) with yourself at the very least, it is very hard to get bogged down and stuck. Thank you for your lovely comments I always feel like a million dollars after reading them 🙂

      • one of the beauties of having a “Cyber Village” ( Paulines coined term:-)) is that through our words we can build one another up + that is what we should be doing in our local neighborhoods etc, but too often we don’t. I love visiting my over the cyber fence friends because we are a community of “supporters” + as we go through our journey here on earth, we can be here for one another+ share:-) Granny was that type of person + I have no doubt she will be busy in heaven:-) I use to ask her often, “Is your garden on steroids?:-)lol…she got some amazing amounts of food out of her little plot!!!!

      • Wish I had Granny’s tenacity. She sounds a bit like my mum who was able to get a large amount of produce out of a tiny garden in front of her unit all by using raised beds and vertical planting. She even had a lot of fruit trees espaliered all around the inside of the fence and where she could, she had fruiting vines (grapes and berries) in between rows. I wish I had her energy and her drive!

  9. What a lovely memorial to a dear friend, Robbie. You bring her to life with your words and she will always be alive to you in your heart. It’s such a blessing to meet people like her in any way but especially here on WordPress where it means so much to us. Thank you for your eulogy and for giving us all a glimpse of a remarkable woman. Cancer takes so many of the ones we love. Sigh.

    • She was a really nice lady + a person everyone could relate to:-) I am so grateful for my wordpress family(+ blogger ,too), it is a special place to find kindred spirits:-)

  10. What a touching post and bunch of comments, even with a loss like this there is still such beauty and love, how precious that you can share it with others that knew her.
    Robbie I actually came to visit to see what I could find in the way of a stunning flower of some sort! I remember a comment about a beautiful flower that would possibly bloom in May, was it red? I’ll have to find that comment 🙂
    Thank you for sharing Do you have a link for Granny’s blog?

      • I was just going to send it to you:-) she has great advice and I always found her simple ideas great! I still like her carrot tape!

    • She was special to many people:-) I have read over and over that she was the first person to comment on blogs. She would visit, and make a comment just when you needed to hear something that day:-) The flower was a red oriental poppy we were discussing. I have them in the garden right now but they have not bloomed yet. I was commenting on your beautiful poppies and mentioned I had a red one.It also could be bee balm “Jacob Kline” which is another red one I love! I love the color red in gardens!

      • Great! I look forward to seeing those 🙂
        I was just browsing Granny’s blog and was up to a post where Amy was attempting some gardening for her! She sounds like superwoman with all she did to help, even attempting something she did not ordinarily do! It must be comforting to know Granny was surrounded by love, how could someone like that not be.

      • Best part about Granny’s blog was her “humor” she would just make you laugh:-) There is a wealth of information on her blog about growing vegetables. I use to tell her I knew she was feeding steroids to her plants-lol..She produced some amazing harvests from her small garden!

  11. I’m sorry for your loss. Just because some of of our friends exist only in the cyber world doesn’t make them any less of a friend. She sounded like a wonderful woman, like both my grannies.

    • I never met her in person, but she was an inspiration:-) I moved to wordpress a few year ago + did not stop over there as much. It seems there are two blogger worlds and then some other new ones( tumble etc), so we don’t all hang out in the same arena. She was special:-)

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