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Do you know what microRNA is? Do you watch Amazon’s new show Alpha House?

Okay, what do these two things have in common. A LOT! Are we really this stupid? Yes, if you watch the comedy Alpha House  about USA politicians in our government on Amazon Prime you will see why they are corrupt, stupid + you will laugh while you get an education about the political process. You can see how bills like HR 933 get passed by our government. Really?  Monsanto Protection Act? I see where the “selfie” term became the new word for 2013 and how some are now coining the “selfie politics”. No surprise here! The word is so new it does not even show up on spell-checker, but I believe it is here to stay!

Okay I climbed off the soap box. Periodically in my posts, I will climb on a soapbox since I feel frustrated, and this is one place I can vent. Please watch this video for your family, friends, neighbors + to get involved in any way you can. It is a little over an hour, but one of the best I have seen that covers  how this problem started.Including all the corrupt companies + people. Please watch!  I sent it to everyone I love and care about. I told them to take a few days to watch it in pieces, but this is one I wanted to make sure you watched this weekend.

I grow organic plants for people, I share organic seeds + I support organic farmers! It takes a special person to be involved in politics that want to make a difference, so I do what I can where I am, and leave corrupt government for people with “self-control” + ” thick-skin”. I can’t stand stupid people who do things that hurt others. I had to  look away when they showed the animal studies….made me want to cry.

Our food is killing us + future generations. I support organic farmers and don’t mind paying a bit more for the organic certification they need to attain, but had no idea that corn pollen can travel up to 500 miles! This is not the organic farmers fault, but we have to start paying more attention to how we are raising our food. I hope this video makes you think about your space+ it is not how large or small  that makes the difference…..

Physocarpus-ninebark is a North America Native that is a great buffer to our Urban Potager on the edges….

I say let’s make it a New Years Resolution to tear up that large lawn near your house, plant more natives for our native pollinators, don’t use chemicals of any kind on your property, support your organic farmers locally, and teach a  child how to grow food. 

native plants feed native pollinators that help you grow great food on city lots...

native plants feed native pollinators that help you grow great food on city lots…

After you watch this video you will never forget what 

MicroRNA is for the rest of your life!

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  1. Robbie, one of the many reasons I grow my own organic veggies. These companies are out of control and the sad truth is there is no one to rein them in. I’ve watched videos on what is happening to Indian farmers and it’s so sad. I worked at a garden center for a few years and they sold a systemic pesticide. The rep from the chemical company was at the center one day and I asked him, since the chemical goes all throughout the plant, does it not then affect flowers that bees collect pollen from? He called their office, no one there could answer the question and said we would have to get in touch with their chemist. Yea, and I bet they would tell us the truth. Very scary stuff going on.

      • I know it is a long video , but so worth the watch. It finally “made clear to me” how it hurts our health. I was dx in 2000 with incurable cancer, and that is why I started growing more of my organic vegetables on my lot. In fact, round-up is one of the causes of indolent non-hodgkins lymphoma. It changed my life and now I pay attention and try to do what I can to educate others because the “round-up” ready seed is pretty scary! Now we are eating it:-(

    • Annie you are so right. I downloaded “Bless the Bees: The Pending Extinction of our Pollinators and What You Can Do to Stop It” on my kindle the other night it is only 3.99, and one of the best books talking about how all these chemicals are effecting our bees, butterflies, bats etc. You were ahead of the game asking for an explanation. We don’t have to be scientists to understand what is happening to nature around us and how it will effect us in the long run because we eat a lot of the foods they pollinate. It is an eye-opener and really scary. About a year ago I watched a video on CCD of honey bees. What is really scary is all the food we won’t have if the native bees disappear and they are having issues now,too! That is why I am looking into how I can help locally in my community. In the Bless the Bees” the pesticides and GMO’s are effecting all of them and they have found chemicals in their hives. Makes one wonder even about honey. So sad. I can’t imagine life without the “humming” in my yard in the summer.

  2. Well said Robbie! More power to you and your soap-box! I haven’t watched the shows and video – [It’s a personal thing, I just don’t want to focus on the idiocies of mean-spirited, greedy politicians and anti-life corporations and the dire things they are foisting on the planet. any more.] I read ‘Cloud Atlas’ a couple of years back and thought its description of ‘corpocracy’ a bit far fetched. Turns out he was spot on – and if you want a vision of where all this could lead us if left unchecked – here it is! [The movie did a good job of bringing the book to life – if you haven’t seen it its worth a look.]

    I can see an upswing in the anti-corporate movement. More and more individuals and groups are standing up to preserve and protect our world . You are part of it 🙂 and I am so grateful you are here, sharing and standing up and leading by example.

    Having said that I do hope that anyone who isn’t aware of what is going on watches, reads and educates themselves and climbs aboard the train of change….. it’s gathering speed for sure!

    Yes, lets dig up those chemical laden lawns – plant food, teach children to grow things and to cook ’em too. Stop buying fast foods and eating in cars. Set a table. Turn off the TV. Have a conversation. Go walking in nature. Listen to the birds. Admire the wild-life. Learn about bees………. and most importantly, lets inculcate a love of and respect for our beautiful planet. As Carl Sagan said – it’s the only home we’ve got!

    Once again your post is coloured with vibrant photos – love those wild flowers! xoxo

    • I will check out that book and read up on it. I know what you mean not to focus on all the negative + stupid stuff they do, but do catch John Goodman ( and other wonderful actors) in Alpha House it will make you laugh:-) I find humor makes me less frustrated. The thing I liked about this video, for me was that it “kept it simple” about the science behind some of this stuff which I wanted to better understand. It was hard for me to sit still for a little over an hour to listen-lol-so I did get some other projects done while I listened.
      “Yes, lets dig up those chemical laden lawns – plant food, teach children to grow things and to cook ‘em too. Stop buying fast foods and eating in cars. Set a table. Turn off the TV. Have a conversation. Go walking in nature. Listen to the birds. Admire the wild-life. Learn about bees………. and most importantly, lets inculcate a love of and respect for our beautiful planet”
      I couldn’t of said it any better than that, in fact I believe it was better-tee hee:-), but I do remember it really did not hit home for me until I got sick from this stuff in our world, and I feel blessed that I am here still here to “shout out” about this stuff every once in awhile when it just gets under my skin…like when weeks go by and I have not seed the sun!lol

      • You know, I got sick too and that was a turning point for me – actually, I had to do it twice as I’m such a slow learner – but my point is – maybe because that crisis hits we are blessed in being able to see more clearly….? I don’t know, there are of course those who see clearly without a life altering crisis ….. I’m just musing out loud 🙂

        Keep on shouting whenever you feel like it Robbie, every time you do, someone will hear you!

      • A kindred spirit:-) I “get” what you mean about seeing more clearly, but have often wondered why it takes me getting knocked down to get the big picture at make me feel so much better by letting me know, I am “NOT”alone! lol I posted it and noticed I left that out:-)
        Now that is not a bad idea, maybe you should, or we should. or maybe that is why we do this—it gives us a voice + together we make a difference:-)

      • Yes, I think we are most fortunate to find our kindred spirits in this virtual world – it’s the modern version of pen-pals only so much better don’t you think?

        So lets both just post it now and again when we see the need or simply feel like it – and see how many come and join in too……… I can’t actually remember who first bought this to my attention – I’m wondering if it was 1/4acre Wendy….
        Maybe she’ll wander past and let us know…..

      • I have no doubt it was:-)She has such a great blog, and has a wonderful way of telling a story + sharing her “Quarter Acre lifestyle”.

      • Last comment, just have to comment on cyber space being like a pen pal…when I was about 10 yrs old my dad and pal next door put up a pulley between our bedroom windows.My pal was in a two story house, and I was in a one story, so our pulley went up into to the sky and we would send each other messages. And at the holidays we would send treats over in our pulley. All we had to do was open the window and grab our message/treat. What a blast it was…cyber space blogging reminds me of my childhood pulley with my neighbor pal.

    • I just watched the video you posted! “we live on the pale blue dot”…”suspended in a sunbeam”….oh how beautiful…perfect for a day like today…thank you for sharing!:-)

  3. Robbie, that video was long! 🙂 But what an eye-opener! I’ve heard of the evil Monsato, of course, just not in depth. I was mainly upset because they bought out seed companies, then discontinued some seeds they didn’t deem profitable, etc. Some of them I love, so I started hoarding. Now I know they do much more damage than that, much more! I really need to educate myself. That last picture, btw, is stunning! XOXO

    • I know it was long:-)I felt the same, but as I watched it IT WAS SO INFORMATIVE and was more detailed, but understandable-I got it! I liked how he explained mciroRNA-that was the first time I had heard anyone use that term + I understood it because he explained it so well:-) I felt the experts did a good job breaking it down, so a person could understand.We hear about this on the news all the time and it is much more than growing heirloom vegetables.This stuff will eventually change a human DNA!
      AFter I watched the video it was nice to look at pictures of native flowers…so much more pleasant:-)

  4. What a gorgeous blossom! Each year I reclaim a little more lawn for food (people food, bee food, butterfly food.) Unfortunately our main yard is shared with the neighbors in such a way that either the neighborhood association would refuse the change based on aesthetics of the divide, or the other owner would have to get on board. Seeing as it’s a rental, I doubt they would.
    So I dig out a curbside bed here, a tree ring there, and a few veggie beds in the backyard.This year I’m hoping for a fence bed, but will soon have my hands full, so perhaps next fall instead…

    Chemicals? What are those? 😉

    • You will be so busy this next year, but what a joy to think you will be able to raise the next future gardener. I am seeing my kids growing food in pots at their apartments, and asking me for seeds.The love is passed on ….or maybe there is a garden gene! I feel your effort is what it takes, we all do a little and it makes a difference in the “whole” scheme of life:-) So when you carve out more places in your space it does help and soon you will be in your own garden–and that will be an amazing place! I look forward to posts as you create a garden for your little one….a great season you are of the best! Yeah, right sad but true, chemicals are everywhere….just something we need to learn to deal with in our life….but there is hope:-)

  5. I’m sure I can’t watch this video, especially if you were crying. I cried watching Vegucated when they visited an old abandoned slaughter house. I could feel the “darkness and despair” through the camera and now I am a practicing Vegan (and feeling good!). I do not watch the news – I have a difficult time believing much of the media anyway – and I am sheltered from what really goes on but that is how I keep a positive outlook and stay upbeat. It is quite amazing that one can turn on the news a year from now and the tired evil plot and actors are the same. I try to focus on my little place and space in the world and do the best I can. The consumer has power! Buy organic, support organic, support only those companies who share your values, anytime you knowingly can. There are safe alternatives to most chemicals – often much less expensive. One of my gardening goals is to be rid of ALL of my lawn. For the bees and other insects, I hope to make a cool insect hotel at some point this winter to place in the garden and of course, I will be planting, planting, planting …

    • aww…It was not the news, but an independent film of interviews with a variety of scientists explaining the science in “understandable terms”, to better educate others about the environment + how this all effects it etc. It was very educational and well done, but I do understand your desire not to watch the news. It is very “debbie downer”!!! I came across this video reading about organic certification + how farmers are certified. It also explains the problems with CCD + our native pollinators + farmers+ our government. I wanted to cry about the lab animals that are often used, but mostly rats, but still they are little creatures. It made me ponder that even stuff labeled certified OG may be contaminated since if corn pollen can travel 500 miles…how do you isolate! Often it is a I do believe we need to grow our own organic food in our yard. It is good you are doing it on your own property since all of our efforts, how great or small, make a difference:-) I am busy growing out many “more” native plants from seed this month to add to our urban potager native pollinator hotel…. or maybe to an insect pollinator estate-lol..I can’t wait to hear the humming this summer…music to my ears:-)TIRED of this white stuff!

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