A gift to you…they gave me goosebumps + moved me…truly beautiful:-) To you all a blessed New Year, hope all your dreams come true…enjoy these talented artists as they only  use their voices and bodies to create….beauty for us all…

Written by Robbie

M.S. Education, , Organic Gardener, soil + nature lover, former modern dancer


  1. Happy Christmas Robbie – I was watching this video a few days ago, my daughter played it for us when we were having a conversation about our favourite Christmas songs. I had said Josh Groban singing Little Drummer Boy and she said – ‘Oh, I think you’ll have to change that up’ And unbelievably I demoted Josh in favour of this version – it is just wonderful and they are very talented young people! What a great thing to post for Christmas 🙂

    1. I got goosebumps when I first heard it! What amazing talent:-) It was posted on our local news site saying it went viral….it blew me away-lol!:-) And Happy Christmas to you:-)

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