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Belmont Rooster is a gem of a blogger….and a list of those that I feel are inspiring gems themselves!


Thank you Lonnie

from Belmont Rooster

for adding me to your list of 15 people! I am so honored. I am new to WordPress ( 2012 fall), so this is a thrill to get an award from an inspiring gardener! I found your blog a bit ago and what an amazing blog you have…your gardens are inspiring, beautiful, knowledge is endless in your posts and most of all I enjoy your humor it shows in your blog( and your e-mails!)…. You are encouraging to those of us out here in cyber space blogging that are new, and that IN itself is inspiring! We live in such a “me” culture that it is so nice to meet someone who is so excited to see other people succeed. You took the time to e-mail and explain in more detail( which so many people don’t in cyber space) about how things work. You go out of your way to see others succeed…what a “gem” you are in a world of so many people out for themselves!


Stay genuine and keep on inspiring… In fact, the other week I was reading your blog about elephant ears and I thought…hmm…look at how well he takes care of “all” ( your collection is astounding!)his plants. I had left my black elephant ears outside and was feeling a bit “uninspired” about them this year, but when I read your post and saw your gardens…I got off my butt and ran outside to make sure I did not forget any and also to store them a bit better this year! You are an inspiration to all of us garden bloggers out here in our over the fence cyber community!!

VIBA #10

So “ditto” back to you since you are an inspiration that we all can learn from!

….so go check out his blog and you will meet a very “genuine” person…Keep on blogging Lonnie to keep us all inspired..and in return we will try to do it as well as you have done on both of your blogs over the years….and thank you from all us bloggers out in cyber space when you take the time to think of all of us in your nomination!


Well, for this award I am supposed to state seven things about myself…

1. funny thing I like the number “7” of anything it is my lucky or favorite number! Well, that was easy-tee hee…

2  I HATE shopping for anything…..I do not grieve the decline of malls or stores…! My poor daughters had to put up with my complaining…and I always believe God was good to me to give me a boy the third time since I HATE shopping and he hates it as much as I do-lol!

3 I could live without TV for the rest of my life , but don’t ever try to take away my kindle fire/lap top! grrrrrr….

4. I have not been in a movie theater in 30 yrs-lol. I waited until it came out on vhs/cd( back in the old days/amazon prime/netflix..if it is free..I watch it then…

5. I use to be a  modern dancer in the days before I had kids! That was a lifetime ago,but I enjoy gardening since it makes me think of choreographing….the dancers are my flowers, herbs and vegetables all moving together to create a great masterpiece! Each year I get to create a new one!

6. Our newest car is a 2003, we drive our cars into the ground. We pay cash for our cars and drive them until the repairs are more than the car is worth. Our 98 truck is starting to look like it may need to be replaced soon…we have never had a car payment-YAHOO, but we do need to buy a new one here soon. I gave my youngest our 2000 Camry for graduate school, so our Toyota is not available! That car is like the energizer never quits!….I miss that car( long sigh)….

7. I will always have a dog. I can’t ever imagine not having a four-legged friend in our home. AT one time we had 5 rescue dogs, now we have 3 …. I will never own a “designer dog” or “pure bred”..we love our mixed breed shelter dogs they are the best in the world!

I will be posting my inspiring blogs here as I develop a list…this is  a hard thing for me since I never want to miss one person! I also want to take the time to post why these blogs inspire me…and they do!

1. My first blog has to be Annie’s Kitchen Garden. She was the first blogger that ever made a comment on my blog back when I started on Blogger. I find her blog an inspiration because it is filled with a lot of good advice. She was the first to introduce the carrot strip! I ask her continually if her garden is on steroids, but she says-no-lol…I have never seen a garden produce so much food and all of it is beautiful–she is an inspiration and mentor for all us out here trying to grow food on city lots!

2. Potagery-one of my favorite blogs for photography and interesting plants growing! I always learn something new when I visit Potagery. There is always a new  plant that  I have to just grow and of course the photography is some of the best I have ever seen of plants..he gets down and close with plants and introduces us to details we might just miss walking by a plant in our garden. His photos and plant selection are an inspiration. I also enjoy reading about his misses and her recipes and flower arrangements she puts together..pure beauty this blog..what an inspiration to me!

3. I enjoy reading Curiously different , but she has moved to a new place , so I am looking forward to her posts and the development of her new garden and home. Her photography of her home in California and plants are exquisite!She is very inspiring with her artistic touch to her space, gardens etc…enjoy her posts and photography…inspiring indeed! Oh, and I just love the title of her blog,too!

4. I LOVE  The Violet Fern Blog…Her header is amazing and one of the most inspiring headers I have ever seen! The blog is named after her grandmother( hope I got that right:-)her gardens are well thought-out! I love reading about how she puts it all together to make Violet Fern a  living work of art!She is studying to be a master garden, so I look forward to seeing what she comes up with next gardening season + sharing all her knowledge. She just seems to have that magical touch with plants that so many of us aspire to aquire..her blog is an inspiration!!! I love to read her posts since she always has something to inspire me to get out and get dirty:-)

5. I enjoy stopping by NEW blogger nemogreen and want everyone else to stop by and make comments. She is a new blogger from Spain that will be starting a new roof top garden here soon..look forward to reading all about her adventure in that arena. I am inspired by her venture into blogging and where it may take her…fun to see what she is up to and what story she is sharing..a new inspiring blogger:-) And the fact she is a life longer learner and shares..that is an inspiration..something we all should do!

6.  Humor is something that just gets me through life and What the Ducks is one blog that makes me chuckle every time she decides to share one of her funny stories,random thoughts or adventures in the night-lol:-)If she is not making me laugh she has amazing photos of nature. Her blog is simple in words, but filled with inspiration to look at life differently..she “gets up close” to our world and shares in her photos weekly…I find her blog “simply” inspiring with ordinary life we just take for granted….

7 Well, I had to make Quarter Acre Lifestyle number seven since we both like the number seven! She has an amazing blog which I enjoy reading. I wish I had half the energy she has to do all the things she does in one day-lol. She is a good cook ( which I keep collecting all her good recipes but can’t seem to get them all done-they are really good ones,too!). She is an artist and can make things out of “nothing” look “beautiful”, look at her mosaics she made with heart rocks! Isn’t that inspiring! She is an “authentic”person, a real gem! When you read her blog you feel she is someone you could just  walk across the street and sit down with a cup of coffee and talk about ANYTHING…I still love her post about the little green man she saw in the garbage can..see it takes an “authentic”creative soul to see that in a bag:-)It really does look like it! Her blog is an inspiration to encourage us to  try to simplify and get down to the basics in life…

8. I found this blog Soul Gatherings when I was blog reading one day…I find her blog inspirational. I only found it a few months ago,but it is an inspiration in my life…she posts quotes, poems,thoughts and she also writes the most moving stories I have ever read….she moves me to tears in a good way…her posts make me think about what blessings I have in my life….and helps me to  look at life through the eyes of others that I may pass on my journey through this life….

9. I love birds and I ride the Mississippi the entire year when the weather permits. I have noticed over the years beautiful birds that frequent our river. We do have Herons on our river,so this blog grabbed my attention. BabsjeHeron-Great Blue Herons is a great blog that mixes humor and great photos with”witty” posts and WOW photos that just grab your I need to say more..just check out the photos..INSPIRING!

10. I have some other bloggers that I wanted to nominate , but they have not posted in over a month , so I don’t know where they have all gone…so my list ends for now…..

I believe this will be my last award since this has been very difficult! I really do appreciate the nomination, but I don’t feel I can do this again..this was not easy! I really would want to take my time to make comments about everyone, so to do that takes so much time that I feel I will remain an award free blog….someone I nominated told me that and I thought, that sounds like a good way to deal with this nomination stuff…Award Free Blog–but thank you to Belmont Rooster for considering me:-)

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    • lol…well, you are on my list…so I will make you number seven for a reason now! lol…just takes me so darn long to do this stuff..I decided this time to get over my “decision” I will figure this out it may take me a were on my list, just want to take the time to tell people why they inspire me:-) p.s. and our cars are used when we buy them-tee hee…but these days they even cost A LOT used!

  1. OMG, I’m #1 on your list? I’m going to have to buy a bigger hat to cover my swelled head, LOL! Thank you so much for thinking of me, and for this award. I’ll try to live up to it, although it’s awfully difficult finding anything interesting to write about in this cold no-gardening weather.

    • You are most often number one on my list! You are an amazing person that shares such great wisdom:-) Sure hope your dive into the trash is healing–ouch! I sometimes have to remember to wander over to blogger to read your posts since word press is where I spend more of my time now:-) But I always make time for your take care and heal:-)

  2. Congrats you receiving your award, Robbie – you are very deserving of this award. I am inspired reading your posts with their thoughtful and thorough approach to sustainability. Years ago I had an apartment balcony garden, facing north, and could have benefited from your advice.

    And many thanks for nominating my blog – I’m honored and humbled by this award and your thoughtfulness. I will definitely follow-up per the rules, but it might take me a few days. Thanks again! Best, Babsje

  3. AWESOME! AWESOME! Congradulations! You did a great job with this post as I knew you would! Thanks for the wonderful comments about me and my blog, too. I know you will continue to inspire your readers so I don’t even need to say “keep up the good work” because I know you will. I am happy that I nominated you and happy to call you friend!

  4. Congratulations Robbie! Your blog and garden are truly inspiring! Now that we’re moving back to the midwest, I’ll need your gardening wisdom more than ever. Seeing what you’ve accomplished in your yard has helped me get excited about our big move and the chance we’ll have to plan and plant a whole new garden … so thank you for that. And thank you so much for such kind words (though honestly, I don’t feel I deserve it considering I haven’t posted anything in nearly three weeks … house hunting has proved exhausting!). Thank you again Robbie, you’ve inspired me to once again pick up my camera.

    • California( paradise!) to below zero weather will be a big change:-) You have enjoyed a beautiful place to garden year round, but I have no doubt it will be fun ( and your garden beautiful) to read and see all that your new garden will be! I like our chats over the cyber fence… we inspire each other:-)

    • You don’t worry about responding to my nomination because they are a lot of work:-) Just accept it and know you are on my list for someone I really admire and wish you lived across the street, so I could chat plants while you teach me how to cook all those amazing recipes you come up with! Don’t worry about posting anything to thank me etc…I feel you have enough to do with all that you do:-)

  5. Oh dear Robbie… so sorry to be responding soooo late… I am so ‘off-blogging’ these days… and oh dear, you are too kind, really… your descriptions and praises of the blogs you listed, that is… and I found myself blushing, and sinking lower and lower onto my chair reading about ‘Potagery’… thank you! Now I have to catch up with blogging a real response…

    • Dear Lrong, you deserve it with all your amazing photos + choice of plants, you inspire me to get out this next summer and get down close in my garden with my lens! I did not have much time this past year, but next summer I plan on getting out and taking more pictures:-)

  6. Congrats, Robbie! I know what you mean about not accepting more awards. I dragged my feet for a long time in creating my post for the same award, because coming up with, and deciding who should get the award, was a huge amount of work. In the end, it’s like a pyramid email, where they asked you to pass it onto X amount of people. If I had known that to start, I wouldn’t have been so ready to agree to accept it! I don’t like pyramid schemes, and hate it when people ask you to repost something on Facebook (I NEVER do), or forward an email to X amount of friends. Those are all scammy. I want something genuine, not a fake interest just to gather enough blogs to follow and refer. I do subscribe to every blog I nominated, and like those blogs a lot. But geesh, there are lots of these awards running around WordPress, and it seems people just make them up to gain more subscribers. My question is, are those subscribers real numbers from reading, or just there for whatever reason? Well at least I’m glad I got to know your blog this way (through Lonnie too). So it does have some benefits.

    • I could not of said it any better, just sometimes there are genuine people out there doing it for other people out of the goodness of their heart. I kind of got that feeling from “Lonnie’, “Wendy” and “Babsje” that gave me an award. They truly are kind people, but I agree with you ” deciding who should get the award, “was a huge amount of work.”…oh I dislike that the most, so for that reason.. it is better for me to be an “awards free” blog…same here, I got to find your blog that way, in the end we all find each other and just have to avoid those that are “scammy” if that is a word-lol

  7. Lonnie nominated my blog too and i agree with all you say about him. He is a gem. Thank you for posting some of your favorite blogs. I’ll go check them out. It’s so great the way the circle goes around when we award others for their work. I understand your reluctance to do more tho. It’s a lot of work as I found out myself. But it’s connected me with a lot of new people and it’s lovely. Thank you for doing this post and carrying it forward as Lonnie suggests. it’s a wonderful way to meet new bloggers!

    • I can see why he nominated you, your blog is amazing. The amount of detail, I can’t even imagine:-) Your green house is an inspiration! You are so right it does connect you with a lot of neat people, I get to visit and learn about a great garden like yours!

  8. Wow!!! What a tribute!!! (And I’m sorry it took me so long to find it…must have been busy on-line Christmas shopping or something!) Thanks so much, Robbie, and I will try to keep living up to your words in 2014. Have a very merry one & a fabulous New Year! :D!

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