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Sustainable gardens utilize flowers that tolerate drought and attract beneficals…Cosmos is the workhorse of our own city lot!

July 26 cosmos dwarf 013

I tried several varieties of dwarf cosmos in 2012 + 2013  that I purchased from different seed sources. I mixed some and mingled them throughout the yard. This variety blooms continuously in 100 plus weather. It does not seem to be bothered by the drought. However, this year I grew them out, and they were a bit shorter which meant they went to seed sooner. I prefer the taller dwarf I grew in 2012.

July 30th cosmos, tomato, gardens 013

Cosmos Sulphurous look fantastic with old-fashioned vining petunia. They just seem to hang together in the air…

July 30th cosmos, tomato, gardens 002

This dwarf variety stands tall about 16-20inches and does not droop or get spindly as some cosmos do after they bloom.

July 26 cosmos dwarf 024

They surround my old fashioned dahlia which keeps it from flopping over. They also look pretty darn smashing together!

July 30th cosmos, tomato, gardens 022

Here, they are next to a Rudbeckia, and this is one they claim is about as close to red in a cosmos you will get. They compliment anything you put them next to in the garden.

July 30th cosmos, tomato, gardens 026

They are like snowflakes in summer each one is a bit different…some have mixed colors in their petals.

July 30th cosmos bee moth beneficial insects 025

Bees love cosmos 
Do not forget to collect your cosmos seed each season and save for next year plantings.
They will self-sow everywhere if you do not collect seed…I never mind they are always welcome in our garden.
2012 Gold Medal Award in Palm Rae Potager goes to Dwarf Cosmos and again in 2013!!!

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  1. I do love dwarf cosmos. Mine are all in shades of pink , I’ve not seen yellow ones before.

    I’m not able to see the photos on your blog (tried Chrome and Internet Explorer browsers), but I am able to right click and open them at the source. Your photos are gorgeous!

  2. Beautiful Cosmos! Love the orange. We had our first frost here and all my Marigolds are weeping – it’s sad. I hope to get some good clean up in this weekend. Already thinking about next year – I should plant these! They would look great with Borage.

    • They are lovely and you are right they would look beautiful with borage! I love the combination of purple and gold:-) I can relate to everything “weeping” and falling to the ground. It is starting here this week. Our mums are still holding on and add some food for the bees..winter is around the corner….

    • I have some planted by the road near our house an entire bed and all my neighbors stop by to collect seed for their yard at the end of the season. I love to share seed and encourage others to feed pollinators. The bees are humming around these all summer! I even have new types of bees I’ve never seen before on our city lot due to planting bee friendly plants and the cosmos is the star in that arena!:-)

    • I know I had not until a friend told me about them years ago. I never noticed them in gardens when i was growing up, but they are so easy to grow and the bees just love them. You will love them on your roof top garden. They even have dwarf that would work in your garden:-)

    • Congrats on your award! Your pictures are amazing and I have leared a lot about Herons( other stuff,too) from reading all your posts. Thank you for considering my blog on your list:-) Your pictures and posts always brighten my days….your witty stories about the heron are a delight to read…and your photos are AMAZING!!! I send your blog to friends of mine that enjoy birds along the waters, no one captures them better than you:-)

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