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Community is not just where you are but ALSO where your heart is…..

Fall Crops planted spring 2013 are starting to take off for fall/winter harvesting...

Fall Crops planted spring 2013 are starting to take off for fall/winter harvesting…

About 4 yrs ago I decided to start a blog about growing food, flower and herbs on city lots. I started it on “blogger” at the time. I really had no idea what a blog was or how to even work all the “gadgets” etc. Blogger was a good place for me to start.

 Fall Golden and Red Beets

Gold and Red Beets

We don’t have a lot of property so it was an experiment at first creating an urban potager and I had no idea what I was doing..but I read, and read, and read some more…and asked a lot of questions.I have always  been a “free Spirit” by nature , so to create a new type of sustainable living in the city was and still is an adventure.

plant a landscape to feed pollinators.....

plant a landscape to feed pollinators…..

We moved to this home in 1999 because we wanted to be closer to work and school. I also wanted space for an art studio which I would be able to create outside and inside over the years.

Fall leaves are falling in Urban Potager...

Fall leaves in Urban Potager…

We searched for 2 years to find a home that would fit all our needs. We purchased a house that needed a lot of work, but it had the location, space and provide most of our needs…The former owners wanted to move on, and they did not want to fix this place up…..they had not made any changes to this home in 30+ years, so it was not selling because people could not see beyond some of its foibles( all the 60’s decorating trend!)…we saw what it could be for our family and it  did not need to be perfect..

Fall marigolds, Swiss Chard, Blue Scotch Kale, Red Russian Kale, and White Kale

Fall marigolds, Swiss Chard, Blue Scotch Kale, Red Russian Kale, and White Kale

When we first moved to this neighborhood. I started looking at the yard and wanted to change a lot of things. I know I was a bit of a fish out of the water. Most of our neighbors did not spend time outside or work in their yard. Over the years, due to health reasons, I began working to grow more food on this simple urban lot. I started sharing my adventures on blogger and found there were others out there in the world that were interested and felt the same way I did about growing food, feeding pollinators and needed to change the way they looked at their urban property….

Succession Planting of Fall Lettuce, Arugula, Mustard, and carrots...

Succession Planting of Fall Lettuce, Arugula, Mustard, and carrots…

I found through blogging that I was not alone! There were people out there in different places all over the world that felt the deep passion for growing food, flowers, and herbs on city lots. I also found that we all could learn from one another. In the 3 block area that I live I am one of the few people to grow food…there are some that may have a tomato plant in the backyard, but not to the extent that I am growing food. You can feel that you are a bit of an odd duck when you are outside working for hours in your urban potager….or urban farm.

Fall lemon grape Tomatoes and Genovese Basil...

Fall lemon grape Tomatoes and Genovese Basil…

 I switched to word press this year, and I have found community outside of my own neighborhood…how neat is that to see others that share the same goals…

Jimmy Nardello Peppers grown from seed saved in 2012

Jimmy Nardello Peppers grown from seed saved in 2012

I enjoy reading about how others grow food where they are in the world. It is not about being exactly alike. Some people have a lot of lands, some have minimal land, some have a farm where they raise all their food, but I don’t feel we have to be exactly alike, we can learn from each other…isisn’t that what life is all about? … is not just where you are but ALSO where your heart is ….: shared passions…we learn from one another….and grow….

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    • That is so kind of you to say…I have missed your posts the past month, but I know you will return soon…do hope you have not had any earthquakes lately, and I look forward to your mosaic projects! I also will be trying some of your recipes here when things slow down for winter…:-) All the things we learn from one another!

      • Yes indeed 🙂 I am back now so all good, earthquakes are few and farther between do that’s also good. I decided on black grout for one of the stone hearts and need to buy that so will show them all once that is done.

      • good to hear the earthquakes are not happening so much..those pictures you posted were a bit scary..look forward to your post on the mosaic hearts:-)

    • I feel the same about you Jenna, I enjoy reading your posts…I have missed you blogging the past I will head over to check out your blog:-) I know we all need to follow our dream…

    • It is magical and you will see it happen on your roof, too:-) I do start some of the winter crops ( kale, Swiss Chard, and Parsley) early in the spring and they are nice and big for harvesting in the fall. I also start some more in the late summer, so I have enought to share with other people. I also keep experiementing each year, for example, I found an OP red kale and I want to see how it grows next year..always searching for new ones to try…it is a constant learning process ,but I do enjoy it.

    • You bet!…and you make me laugh-remember:-)….it is so neat to meet people and see how they create, grow and work with nature in their space:-)

  1. Robbie I am so glad we met through this community! I love your garden and you have inspired me to grow better food. I think I became a little over zealous in the space I have this year and crowded things out. I am now missing my usually huge crop of basil, endless cherry tomatoes, and lacinato kale – well that one the rabbits also love. Next year I will focus on food I really enjoy (including homemade teas)!

    • Hi Kathy:-)Me too! Talking about beautiful gardens, yours is AMAZING….I love to visit your blog and look at your pictures. I have crowding in mine,too since it is in a small space. I get excited to try a new plant, so I find some place to “squeeze” it in=lol..but the fun part is each year is a new adventure. Next year I am growing all purple tomatoes ( that is for another post) and more purple vegetables I have found since they have such healing benefits.

  2. Dear Robbie, I’m so glad to have met you – at times it feels like we are chatting across the fence, even though we are 2000 mile apart! Your beautiful garden is such an inspiration; I love what you’ve done with your yard!!! And that photograph of the rainbow chard – so pretty! Now that we’ve sold our place, I’ll be gazing longingly at your garden. Thankfully, the apartment we’re moving to has a tiny patio, just enough room for a small container garden of herbs (mint tea!). Hopefully it won’t take us two year to find our next home; I want to get settled and have a proper garden next summer – fingers crossed!

    • I know what you mean:-) I feel that when I stop by your beautiful garden( and others), that I just stopped by a friends house for a cup of java and a walk around the garden! I sure hope it does not take you 2 yrs to find a place because I will miss reading about all the interesting plants you photograph:-) I look forward to reading all about your new garden adventure…2000 miles across the internet fence-tee hee:-)

    • And I get that “warm, lovely feeling” when I visit your blog about the heron you just photographed that day… your posts have a touch of humor or fun story that just capture my attention everytime…you always see something different and beautiful in something we take for granted:-)

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