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Heirloom Snapdragon “Black Prince” Circa 1915



Today I was wandering through the garden, and I noticed my heirloom ” Black Prince” snapdragon was looking pretty good. I started this from seed this year. I was worried they would get lost in the mixed planting.


One of the problems with an urban potager is you have to be particulary selective as to what plants you include in your growing space. I will be saving the seed from this heirloom to share with others.


I just love the color red in flowers so when I found this heirloom snapdragon I just had to have this snapdragon in my garden. I have never grown snapdragon before, but this one caught my eye when I read about it at Thomas Jefferson Monticello gardens.


If I use a perennial in my garden it, has to be one that I feel will help with beneficial insects. I have noticed some small insects visiting this plant. Here, it is tucked in with my dwarf blueberries.


They describe the color as “crimson red” or “blood-red” or one of the deepest reds. It’s common name is “snapdragon” or scientific name is “Antirrhinum Majus”


This Heirloom Snapdragon will be in Palm Rae Potager for many years.

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    • It does not always feel that way when I am out weeding all day like today, and all I see are weeds every where! To get a compliment from
      you is very special-I admire your garden + your photos:-)–thank you Lrong

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