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Urban Potager Provides Fresh Cut Flowers for Daily Vases

One of the joys of having a potager is growing flowers with your vegetables and herbs. I planted heirloom daffodils last fall, they are exceptionally fragrant and bloom later than the other daffodils. They are remarkably dainty and float in water pretty well!

Heirloom Daffodil Cheerfulness  1923  in floasting  Water Vase

These heirloom daffodils were growing with my lettuce, kale and spring veggies.

We filled our vases for Easter dinner with lilacs,  heirloom daffodils, and a variety of tulips.

 Heirloom White Thalia Daffodil 1916

I planted these heirloom white daffodils last fall. They are much smaller than the newer varieties that people plant today. Very delicate and dainty.

I did tuck in a few lilac bushes in our small backyard many years ago…. I do have to keep them trimmed so they do not  get too tall, but oh the smell is incredible!

This is a floating flower vase. This time of year it is fun to collect things to float in this Cardinal Climber Water Vase.

Cardinal Climber Morning Glory has the perfect leaves to use in various projects.

I collect the leaves every fall and dry them for projects.

 I sometimes decoupage them directly onto glass and find they do just fine holding their color.

I find the leaves make an interesting design.

It makes a great Fall Floating Flower vase

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