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Marigolds in Urban Potager Attracts Beneficial Insects

French Marigold- Tagetes Patula 

This year I decided to make my own French Marigold Mix. I gathered different types I found charming and grew them throughout Palm Rae Potager. I selected open-pollinated types.

I do like the large double blooming ones, but the single-petal flowers are best for pollinators. I read

somewhere the bumble bees love hiding in the doubles blooms!

I use French Marigolds in the vegetable garden. I grew them all from seed this past spring.

This bee is enjoying his meal……

I grew my tomatoes with the French Marigolds this year too. They did wonderfully.

Here, is information about how they are a splendid companion plant for vegetables gardens.

I started an heirloom Striped French Marigold this spring from seed indoors. They were blooming in June. I plan on starting all my marigolds next year a bit earlier so they will be blooming sooner.

I grew these from seed my parents gave me last fall. They use this type in their planters. They are not too good for the pollinators, but they looked lovely planted with my golden and red Swiss chard.

I planted marigolds this year all over Palm Rae Potager. I scattered seed in every place I could find so I would be able to create my own combination.

The single-petal marigold is uncomplicated yet quite pretty.

I think the double marigolds are irresistable this one looks like a tie-dyed flower.

We had a lot of rain this past month. This week it has been dry, so the marigolds are finally drying. I pulled most of my marigolds to clear my beds and compost them.

I have been working on collecting the seed for my  French Marigold mix the past few days.

I enjoy planting my own marigold combination to see what will bloom next year. I collected seed from a variety of sources to make this mixture for Palm Rae Potager.

Now to wait until next year to see what will bloom!

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  1. Hi Marsha,
    The nice thing about marigolds is that you can create your own mix of your favorite types. I always find another one I just have to grow!

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